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  1. I sleep completely naked & my husband. The feeling of feeling nothing but a soft blanket is amazing.

    1. I abbreviate the verbal sound of “&” from “and” to “‘n'”, so I read your comment as “I sleep completely naked in my husband.” It conjured an ANCIENT memory of the scene from Star Wars where the Ton-Ton(?) gets opened and, uh, “worn” to keep an injured Luke(?) warm on some nasty ice planet. I’m not a Star Wars person at all, but I remember that scene from childhood. It’s only _slightly_ scarring! Hahaha

    2. @CoolJay727 there’s a need to more frequently wash linens when sleeping nakie, sure, but if marks/stains are showing up then there’s an immediate need for more frequent and/or more thorough personal hygiene practices.

    3. I feel my body is a even temperature and this is way it’s so comfortable, no hot feet or middle area.

  2. Why should we wear clothes ? Sleeping naked is perhaps better for the health, but it is mostly nicer, I don’t need medical reasons.

  3. No clothes to tangle with when rolling around and my body is a even temperature and I just love sleeping nude!!

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