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  1. Thank you lovely Lauren x Got me to ” a tee ” but I reckon it applies to you too …well done ✔👍

  2. than why am i constantly crying? you know, i dont know about you or others but i usually hide the way i really feel inside. do you know Tyson fury is 6 ft 9 inches tall and is always talking about his own mental health issues despite how big of a man he says even being the heavyweight champion mental health can bring you down to your knees no matter how big or strong you may be.

  3. Lauren, do you know what I really like about you…? You are courageous, you are powerful, you are resourceful, you’re brilliant and you are strong. But you are also loving, patient, nurturing and you are consistent. I Thank you!!

  4. Hi Lauren…hope you are well ❤
    How’s Cooper doing? I hope I remembered his name accurately….
    Have a wonderful day 🙏

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