Winkbed Mattress Review – 30 Day Sleep Tracker Tested!

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We gave one of our writers, Garen, a brand new WinkBed and a Whoop sleep and fitness tracker. We wanted to see just how much a new mattress could improve her sleep. So she began the project by tracking her sleep for 30 days on her 12-year-old mattress in order to establish a baseline.

Then, we replaced her bed with a new hybrid mattress from WinkBed. She tracked her sleep for another 30 days, then reported her results. What we found was that her overall sleep quality showed quite an improvement (of course!), but in one specific area that we weren't expecting.

Join Tom (and Garen!) as they discuss her experience sleeping on a new bed and what it was like to upgrade her mattress after 12 years.

👩🏻‍💻 For our full review of the WinkBed, visit Sleep Foundation:

📺 If you want to learn more about Whoop and how it tracks your sleep, check out our review:

0:00 Testing the WinkBed
0:53 What's In the WinkBed
1:34 First Impressions!
2:51 Collecting Sleep Tracker Data
3:44 What We Learned from the Data

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