Why You’re Having Fever Dreams

When you’re sick, getting a good night’s sleep is already tough enough.

It doesn’t help when interrupting that sleep are crazy and bizarre dreams that leave you feeling more confused than well-rested.

But what’s going on when you have these wild, vivid fever dreams? Let’s talk about why they happen, and whether you might be able to gain any meaning from them.

0:00 What is a Fever Dream?
1:02 How Are Fever Dreams Different From Other Dreams?
1:34 Do Fever Dreams Have Meaning?
2:15 Can You Prevent Fever Dreams?

For more information, check out Sleep Foundation's page on Fever Dreams:


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  1. This is me right now. day three of the worst cold ever. I’ve recently started using a sleep mask and a 100% silk pillowcase and that has resulted in a huge increase in my REM sleep. for the first time in my life I’m dreaming and remebering them after. Then comes the cold and man my dreams are off the scale.

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