Why You Feel Tired All The Time

Are you feeling tired all the time? Like…ALL THE TIME? While being tired is common, not all forms of tired are created equal. You could be experiencing physical exhaustion, for sure, but maybe you feel emotionally exhausted? Or maybe you had a long week at work and you're feeling mentally tired? You introverts know the feeling of socially tired, and then there the unique feeling of burnout…which is a very unique KIND of tired.

Learning WHICH tired you are can point you in the right direction for treatment. Perhaps you simply need more sleep, or need a change in your diet. Or, perhaps you need to make more serious behavioral or lifestyle changes. And of course, diagnoses like depression and chronic fatigue syndrome may also be an underlying cause.

The point is, the reasons for why you are tired are incredibly complex. So join Faith as she describes the different kinds of tired, as well as some of the varied causes for different kinds of tiredness.

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0:00 Are You Tired All The Time?
0:23 Physically Tired
1:03 Emotionally Tired
1:57 Mentally Tired
2:53 Socially Tired
3:20 Burnout
4:03 Sleep Hygiene
4:37 Getting Deep Sleep
5:06 Lifestyle Causes
5:40 Sleep Apnea
6:23 Depression
6:56 Chronic Pain
7:18 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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