Why You Can’t Remember Your Dreams (4 Ways To Fix It)

How you ever woken up in the morning unable to remember the crazy dream you had last night? Don’t worry, I’ll share some of my favorite tips for better remembering your dreams – trust me, it’s super fun. And it’s easier than you think.

Dreams are one of those mysterious topics that even the best sleep scientists have trouble fully explaining. Part of the mystery is just how odd and out of context they are. We’re inside a dream experiencing it fully, and the next minute, it seems, we’re awake and the dream vanishes.

Studying dreams is notoriously difficult. There is a lot of pseudoscience about dreams floating out there, and it’s tough to separate the quality science from the fake science. No one really knows for sure WHY we dream, but we do know that it’s normal and healthy to dream.

Before you make any investment in changes to your sleep, I always think it’s important to establish a baseline of your current sleep habits and sleep quality. You want to give yourself a benchmark to measure yourself against.

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Then, as you implement some sleep-positive habits, you can retake the quiz in a few months and see where you’ve improved and what other changes you can make.

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0:00 Why do we even dream?
1:00 Why it's so hard to remember dreams
1:45 The chemical that stops you from remembering dreams
3:40 How to remember your dreams
5:30 How to control your dreams

😴 Michael Breus, Ph.D., is a double board-certified clinical psychologist and sleep expert. He's been in practice since 1999 and helped thousands of patients improve their sleep. Dr. Breus has written five books on sleep and conducted over 1,000 interviews to the press and public.

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  2. That’s what I figured. I have CPTSD. I take heavy med to keep me from nightmares. So I’m glad I don’t dream cuz I don’t want the nightmares.

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