Why Women Get Such POOR Sleep And How To Wake Up Refreshed

There's no doubt about it: women have a different psychology around sleep. From different social and cultural conditioning, to career ambitions, to acting like the CEO of the home, there is more of a cognitive and emotional burden for women. And this affects both the timing of their sleep, as well as their sleep quality AND quantity.

So in this video, sleep expert Dr. Audrey Wells explains some of the unique sleep problems facing women — including the stories she hears from women in her practice — and offers some practical tips for getting better sleep each night.

🩺 Dr. Audrey Wells is triple board-certified in pediatrics, sleep, and obesity medicine. She helps sleep apnea patients struggling with CPAP therapy get the help and relief they need. You can learn more about Dr. Wells at . And, download Dr. Wells’ guide, “If I Lose Weight Can I Kick my CPAP Out of Bed?” right here: .

📺 For more on women's health and sleep, check out our playlist:

0:00 Women's Unique Sleep Experience
0:25 Invisible Mental and Emotional Burdens
2:44 Feelings of Scarcity (Not Enough)
3:18 Anxiety and Worry (Not Safe)
4:04 Out of Balance (Not Congruent)
5:12 How to Settle Your Busy Mind

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