Why I LOATHE the Dock-A-Tot! (Spoiler: IT’S NOT SAFE!!)

In this video I share why I LOATHE the Dock-a-tot and why it's actual UNSAFE for your baby.
Podcast Episode 40:

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About the Author: Joy Packard


  1. Yup there’s a reason its banned in Canada! You can’t even go to the website, we get bumped out. We’re not allowed bumpers or ANYTHING in the crib.

  2. I don’t plan to co sleep. I have two other kids and am looking for something for the baby to lounge around in that has handles. So, if baby falls asleep I can transport her from room to room without waking her. I have been looking at a structured (kinda box-like) Moses basket with a super thin “pad” on the bottom. I’m sure I’ll look away from it as I’m playing with the kids, but will have near me as we play and will check on her regularly. We will use a bassinet near our bed for sleep. Does this sound safe? Thank you!

    1. I don’t have a problem with Moses baskets as they are typically firm + flat inside!!

  3. It’s not advertised for sleep. It’s for lounging and they state that multiple times on their website. So if you use it for sleep, that’s on you lol. Just like other products like the Boppy nursing pillow and lounger. Not for sleep all over the tag but people do it anyways.

  4. that’s exactly what I thought! What do you think about snuggle me organic? I think it goes the same way :/

    1. Hey Hanna! Exactly. The Snuggle Me is just another company that has a Dock A Tot style. NOT a fan! Not needed 💛

  5. Thanks for the video, very informative. I live in finland and almost 7 months pregnant, I have never heard of this product and would never use it.

  6. What if I am only buying this for having my baby on the couch? Something to keep her in while I sit on the couch? Or on the floor? I don’t plan on leaving her solo in it or having her sleep in it? It’s for convenience and having handles helps carry her to room to room

  7. I love my dock but my little one has never once slept in it. She’s never even fallen asleep in it for a nap. I bought it to have a safe place to lay my baby down if I need to. She uses it as a play gym with the toy arch. We also hang her over the end sometimes for tummy time. It frees up her hands to play. Nothing wrong with any of these uses!

  8. I cosleeped with my first son not because I said to myself “I’m going to sleep with my baby” but because I was nursing him and some nights I just couldn’t deal with it so I would make like a bassinet form, like I would have him cuddle in my arm next to my torso. But he was elevated not sinking in. I would place pillows under my arm to push my at the level of my breast and I would have him cuddle right there on that nook.
    So it’s kinda like a dock-a-tot shape. The good news is that I didn’t do this every night.
    I do agree is not the safest way to have your baby sleep. But I was half sleeping half not. I can’t explain it really, but it’s like I was sleeping but conscious of my baby being there. I wouldn’t move from that position AT ALL. and it worked.
    Like I said it wasn’t every night. So he did sleep in his crib most nights and I didn’t have anything other than baby in the crib.

    Another thing I used was the bassinet like pillow that came with my pack and play. I used it only for the first 2 months or so. Inside the crib, with nothing extra added. But I was swaddling the baby so there was no way he could move. When I stopped swaddling or more like baby didn’t want to be swaddle anymore I took that out of the crib.

    I’m not advocating for unsafe sleeping, just simply sharing some things I did as a first time mom and now that I’m expecting second baby I have a cosleeper in my registry (not a dock a tot) and I wanted to find out best ways to use it.
    I’m going to not have it inside the crib for sure.

    P.S. lol other times I would be nursing in the rocking chair in the middle of the night and fall asleep with baby in my arms. I laugh now, but wow, I’m so thankful my baby never fell.

  9. Thank you. I have been debating buying this product for a while now . It’s just too expensive but I was very attracted to it . Thinking it would help me with co sleeping but im glad I watched your video.

    1. Do not co-sleep in the same bed. Bring the bassinet or crib in your room but please do not put baby in the bed with you and fall asleep!

  10. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 so glad you are very clearing standing out against this product!!

  11. My son loved his doc a tot until he grew out of it. He didn’t sleep in his bassinet nor crib he hated both. until he was around 8 months old that’s when he started to like his crib.

  12. Our baby slept in it for 6 months no issues even slept through the night for 4 straight months

    1. Same here I put it inside the bassinet for extra comfort , my baby is 3 months and she seems like she’s gna grow out of it soon. I stopped watching this video because it was giving me anxiety.

  13. If people use it wrongly, dorsnt make it a bad product. I want to use it next to me on the sofa or floor in living room.

  14. We use it for supervised naps and it’s been amazing for us. My 5 month old son likes to be snuggled when he sleeps, but I won’t attempt to even try unsafe sleep practices like co-sleeping or putting the Docatot in the crib. Instead, I stay up all night holding him. No – I don’t fall asleep during my “shift”. When he’s in a deep sleep, I transition him to his crib. Occasionally he will sleep 3-4 hours. Maybe once or twice a week. Usually, only 30 min at a time. Before the docatot he would sleep in my arms during the day, too. He slept even worse in the crib. Since introducing the docatot, at least he’s more used to sleeping on his back. It made it easier to transition him to a crib. I just want to clarify that supervised nap time means actively watching him. Not watching him out of the corner of my eye or while I’m on my phone. He gets 100% of my attention. The only con for us is the price. We have the deluxe and my son is very tall, so he doesn’t really fit. In general, he sleeps in a “frog” position, but if he didn’t his legs wouldn’t fit. I can’t justify spending $300 on the grand, though, so I’m dreading the day he grows out of it.

    1. Hey Ilona! The beautiful thing about parenting is you get to choose what is best for your family! If what you are doing for your baby’s sleep is working for your family, that is great 🙂 But if you ever want to teach your little one to sleep independently, I would recommend my Baby E-Coaching: https://littlezsleep.com/baby

  15. We are cosleeping right now, and we are loving it! Giving us way more sleep then baby in bassinet. What’s the best way to co sleep then?

    1. Hey Kaya! The beautiful thing about parenting is that you get to choose what is best for your baby and your family. But here at Little Z’s, we do not recommend cosleeping because it does not align with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines on safe sleep.

    2. @YellowGecko27 most people say co-sleeping when they mean bed-sharing. Most people who have baby in bedroom but not bed with them don’t say “cosleeping”

    3. I did co sleep with my 4 children without any doc a dot. Everybody is different I tend to be a very light sleeper when my baby is around me and it makes me feel better because I want to make sure they are safe and I would never let them sleep at a different room especially at the first months because that will cause me to worry more about them because I can’t see them when I wake up and actually this method saved me to walk at sleeping time when I needed that energy at day time. Trust your instict.

    4. Oh we are bedsharing, she is right in the middle of my husband and I and we fall asleep together at night and I love it. During the night I switch sides so she can drain my other breast and we have a little baby rail up so she won’t roll off the bed. We’ve been co-sleeping/bedsharing since she was 4 days old!! Wouldn’t change a thing. She is right where she is supposed to be, close and next to mama ❤️

  16. Found one 2nd hand for $40. Seems like a convenient product to have to be able to put baby in when needed. I didn’t plan to use it for sleep.

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