Why Falling Asleep on the Couch Comes Naturally & How to Achieve the Same Comfort in Bed

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We've all been there before… You're winding down after a long day and before you know it – you're fast asleep on the couch. But why is sleeping on the couch easier for some than sleeping in bed? In general there are four common reasons the couch might be calling your name.

0:00 We've all Been There Before
0:34 Why is it Easier to Sleep on the Couch?
3:27 Is Sleeping on the Couch Bad?

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  1. I have two additional reasons, but I am sure there are many possible reasons.
    Maybe once in bed we are trying to fall asleep, but on the couch we aren’t trying. So less pressure on ourselves may make it easier to sleep on the couch.
    Also… if I doze on the couch, I think it might mess with my sleep cycle a bit. I might wake up from that nap feeling a bit refreshed, so it might be hard to get back to sleep a short time later.

  2. Try a soft mattress. Everyone says firm but they probably have not even tried a softer mattress

  3. The biggest problem I have is sleeping on the side. I got used to a lotta pillow, to stop me from rolling on my stomach. But that also mean that I sleep in weird positions that cause neck pain or shoulder pain when I wake up. I don’t know what to do

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