Why Do We Keep Fighting Over Daylight Saving Time?

If you thought Daylight Saving Time was about to be over, think again! While the United States Senate passed the "Sunshine Protection Act" in 2022, the bill died in the House of Representatives that same year. As a result, most Americans will STILL need to "fall back" in November and "spring forward" in March.

For awhile it seemed as though the twice-yearly clock switching was about to end. So why didn't it? Where does this legislation currently stand? And perhaps most importantly, what do the experts have to say about it? Join Faith as she explains the current "state" of daylight saving time legislation.

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0:00 The State of DST Legislation
1:08 What Do the Experts Say?
2:22 What is this SO Hard?
2:53 An Idea for a Compromise

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  1. I think it would be best to have permanent standard time, but for a few states for whom that might not be good can opt out.

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