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    1. Who do you think is doing the research on these things, it’s simple minded to think the only jobs are “doctor scientist teacher firefighter etc.” they all have subgroups of professions. A noise expert is a type of scientist

    2. ​@My YouTube account But it’s not wrong to say a scientist is a noise expert

    1. That’s interesting, not so for me. Pink noise feels nice, while white noise is sharp.
      At least in this example haha.

  1. I (may) know its sarcastic, but to those that might wonder, I think it’s better to call it “signal processing expert” Instead of “noise expert”

    1. Brown noise! It will cover up those daytime low frequency sounds that can be most distracting

  2. Which one is best for sleep? I’ve heard of white, brown, and pink noise but I’m not sure which one will help me sleep. Are there any other color noises I should know about?

  3. Brown noise is my go-to for noise canceling and falling asleep. It’s deeper sounding and I imagine myself in a rocket blasting into space.

  4. 😮😮😮I hear white noice all the time. Volume at low but sometimes it’s very high

  5. It’s all about that super deep brown layered noise. Mhmmmm o throw that on and pretend I’m in a large paradise valley at dusk with a nice breeze.

  6. I would hear both the audios of the noises if you would get rid of the background music in your video. It’s too distracting

  7. Pink noise helps me fall asleep. I really don’t like red noise at all but I love brown noise but red and brown noise are super similar.😅

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