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  1. wow Lauren that’s just beautiful sometimes it hard to put words to feelings but i feel this here this little short clip you have made is just priceless. its beyond i guess you have that wisdom it comes natural or maybe from another place i don’t understand but im trying its all i can be.

  2. Sounds like God saying that we are made in “the image and likeness” of who God is in the midst of us, with us, saying, “Come, follow me….”

  3. its easy to concentrate on the depth and breath of love. But ultimately, it is a choice to love. Although entangled in the process our perspective can disolve.
    In reality, love has tides, and when it is low, the decision to love becomes exposed for what it is: a choice.
    It is deeply sad when your partner simple chooses not to love any more, and you are left drifting, or beached high. Blinking in the energy of your exposed love… alone.

  4. It’s true because as you love someone unconditionally, you are uncovering levels of sensitivity compassion, understanding, wisdom and strength that reflect the pure light of the Creator of all of us. You align your vision of that person with the vision of our Creator’s unconditional live towards all of us, towards all of Creation. That revelation applies to ourselves as well. And we become reflectors and reflections of pure Love, which is Light, which we can see in her eyes, even as she is explaining this. What beauty in her, hat fulfilment as an infinitely reflexive human being. ♡

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