What You Really Need To Know About Curing your Hangover

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Dr. Breus unpacks the relationship between sleep and alcohol, with insight into whether some shut eye actually helps ease a hangover’s symptoms. Plus, he’s got tips on how to indulge a little and still wake up feeling refreshed.

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0:00 What is a Hangover
1:32 Does Sleep Count as a Hangover Cure
2:14 Will Napping Help a Hangover
3:11 Alcohol as a Sleep Aid
3:48 How to Enjoy Alcohol While AVOIDING a Hangover


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  1. This is a great video. I find if I have only 1 glass of wine or 1 drink a few hours before bed, my sleep is ruined. It really just ruins it. I’m up off and on all night. Good advice for people. Thank you for sharing.😊

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