What To Expect Now That You Have CPAP #shorts

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  1. Had a sleep study. The guy puts this mask on my face and tells me it has to be tight to work. I tell him it hurts. He says it’s on correctly and not to worry. It takes me hours to finally get to sleep. Next day, I have a bruise across my face, and within a few hours a bunch of little sores show up. The sores eventually pop, releasing blood and pus. They tell me it’s an allergic reaction to the mask. Nobody takes responsibility for what happened. Two years later, I still don’t have a machine, but I sleep well.

  2. I did 2 sleep studies over the course of a year and both times with 2 different doctors I’m told that even tho i stop breathing regularly in the night and that might contribute to my chronic daytime fatigue and crippling migraines.. it’s still “not bad enough” that it’s worth trying a cpap machine.. even tho i want one and genuinely fear it will kill me because i wake up gasping and can’t sleep again a lot of nights because I’ll stop breathing again as I’m falling asleep over and over again for hours and hours.. nope, they don’t care.

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