Was This Worth It? #shorts

Visiting a sleep lab can feel like a scary or daunting experience. You’re spending the night away from home, you’re sleeping in a strange bed, and you are connected to a host of wires and electrodes. It’s natural to feel some anxiety. And how well are you ACTUALLY going to sleep?

Be sure to check out the full video of Tom's sleep study.

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  1. So glad the machine i took home worked and picked up my sleep apnea thus avoiding the in house sleep study. 😅
    They would have had to give me tons of sleeping pills.

  2. Ive had a couple done. I had nicer rooms and not near that many wires. Your experience looks a bit antiquated.

  3. That was NOT my mom’s experience. Basically, it was a hospital room in the sleep lab area and she hardly got any sleep because she wasn’t allowed to move much. When she did finally fall asleep they woke her up at 5:30 am to leave.

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