Very Strong Sleep Hypnosis for Deep Sleep | Relax and Fall Asleep Fast | 8-hour All Night

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Listen to this very strong sleep hypnosis for deep sleep to relax and fall asleep fast.

I have written this strong sleep hypnosis for deep sleep session to help you wind down at the end of the day, calm your busy mind and ease into a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Very often, our minds tend to race in the evenings and just before bed. The hypnotic language together with the guided visualisations and imagery in this video will help distract your conscious mind and help you stop overthinking so that you can more easily drift into deep sleep.

This is a voice only hypnosis session. However, this video is also available with alternative background audio options.

For a galaxic/cosmic background, click here:

For a background of soothing waves, click here:

For a background of falling rain and distant thunderstorms, click here:

This track blends guided sleep hypnosis, guided meditation and positive suggestions and/or imagery. It is designed to help soothe and quieten your mind, as well as to reduce the harmful effects of overthinking at night. When you are able to prevent your mind from wandering into the future or into the past – especially when doing so creates anxiety – you are able to access your subconscious mind. Your subconscious control mind is far more amenable to positive and encouraging suggestions when you are in the trance state.

This audio track daily is safe and suitable for frequent listening – as many times as you wish. Since hypnosis helps induce positive behavioural change, a different version of you will be listening each time and so your subconscious will enjoy a different experience on each occasion you tune in.

When listened to on a regular basis, this hypnosis session can help reduce anxiety, stress and other stress-related issues, such as insomnia, OCD and depression. Also, when you have a full night of quality sleep and rest, you will be better prepared to face life's day-to-day challenges in a more positive, solution-focused way. Ihave written this session in the spirit and with the positive spirit and expectation that wherever you are in the world, whatever you are facing and wherever you are going, tomorrow will be a better day than today.

PLEASE NOTE: This audio track is for entertainment and relaxation purposes only. It is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any medical condition. Do not listen while driving, operating or using machinery of any kind, or if you are in any place or situation where relaxing and/or falling asleep may endanger yourself or others.

I do hope you enjoy and benefit from this deep sleep guided mediation and self-hypnosis experience.

Thank you for listening.


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Written and recorded by Nicholas Wright
Original vocals and video by Nicholas Wright
© 2022

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    1. Glad you enjoy them, Laura. Sleep well, Nick

    2. @Loreen Jones Thanks Loreen – a lot of people have asked for the longer versions so I’m going to knuckle down and write a few. They take a while, though! 🙂 Sleep well, Nick

  1. Absolutely amazing! And just in time for my 30tj bday today 🥰 this worked so very well for me last nite!! Looking forward to using it tonight 🥰 thanks so much Nick! You are truly amazing!!

    1. Thank you so much – I hope you are continuing to thrive and do well! Sleep tight, Nick

    2. @Nicholas Wright – Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation thank you so much nicholas. If we’re being completely honest, I’m actually facing some adversities and anxieties lately. But I always find comfort on your channel ❤️ listening to these at night seems to be the only piece in my life that I have lately. And I’m so very grateful for you and what you create ❤️❤️

    3. @Nicholas Wright – Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation I still have my sobriety going for me, I’m at my 8 months now. Which is awesome! I’m just going through a pretty dark depression right now 🥺

    4. @Your Local Hope Dealer I understand – it was some difficult times that led to me studying hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I found that focusing on the three”p”s helped – positive thinking, positive actions and positive interactions. It’s not always easy but if you can get those three things every day in some way or other, it helps greatly. Good luck and thanks for listening and writing. Nick

    5. @Nicholas Wright – Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation my heart goes out to you for understanding the pain of depression ❤️ it’s not always easy to fight.. but it’s worth it. Again i want to thank you for being a monumental part of my growth and recovery. I don’t know what I would do without you. Nobody else’s videos seem to work for me! We are so very lucky to have you and your talent!! Sending love and light ❤️

    1. I thought you were Michael Sealey, I’m sorry you sound much alike.. I REALLY wish you guys wld combine & make an overnight one,.. Stories,. Realistic, but my stress is bad. I’m losing my parents now, plz make more..

    2. So sorry to hear about your parents, Loreen. I’ve been through that experience so I can relate to the experience and the emotion. Maybe ask Michael and see what he says! 🙂 I’m glad these sessions provide some kind of help to you. With my best regards, Nick

    3. @Nicholas Wright – Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation tysm. I’ll try ASKING Michael.. That wld be a great combo .. Appreciated x

    4. @Nichokas Wright, can you make longer one’s, or bedtime journey’s, or your own little stories with may be some classical music in the background,??/ no news from Mr.Sealey yet.. I’ll try again. But with your voice,.. I think you’d do a great job at night stories for adults.. Take us to places like the ocean..,etc.. But anywhere,. Not 2 much rain,lol.. Makes me have to go, hahaaa.. But yeah, SERIOUSLY, that’d be AWESOME.. Plz&ty NMW..

  2. I think you’re the best at what you do. Thank you. You really help. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Glad you enjoy the sessions. Sleep well, Nick

  3. Thank you once again Nicholas, i feel so relaxed & sleepy after listening to this hynosis video, i am very grateful that you help people like myself with anxiety, & over-thinking, you always manage to settle my mind before sleep. God bless ypu

    1. You’re welcome, Paula. So glad you enjoyed it. Sleep well, Nick

  4. Just brilliant! I’ve listened to many other channels to help me sleep with little effect. This is really good, thank you 🙂 I have subscribed 💙

    1. Thank you MMM, for listening and taking the time to write. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the channel. Sleep well, Nick

  5. Thank you so much. I haven’t slept for so long or so deeply in many years. I even remembered a lovely dream. My night tonic from now on. Thank you again Nicholas, you’re a lifesaver. 🙏

    1. Thanks you, Nuala, for your kind words. I’m so pleased you find the sessions helpful. Sleep well, Nick

  6. Great to be able to have on all night! Very much needed and such a lovely gentle soft tone of voice…after trying so many others found this one the best!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Deborah. Sleep well and thanks for writing. Nick

    1. You’re welcome, Meaghan. I’m so pleased you found it helpful. Sleep well, Nick

    1. Thanks Christina, for listening and writing. Sleep well, Nick

  7. Every night I scroll through all my subscriptions, but I always end up listening to yours 😊, thank you for helping me to get some sleep 😴

    1. You’re welcome, Jennifer. Thanks for listening and writing. Maybe the scrolling is part of the sleep routine! 🙂 Sleep tight, Nick

    2. @Nicholas Wright – Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation yes you’re probably right lol… I first started listening to sleep stories I.e(snooze with Sam), an amazingly talented young story writer and narrator, but I have now found the sleep hypnosis very good, especially the ones that go for a few hours as it takes a while for me to settle and get off to sleep. Just an aside, my brothers name is Nicholas and my G Grandmother was a Wright 😆🇬🇧

    3. @Jennifer Robinson I’ll have to check out the Snooze with Sam channel. I like listening to other creators also. Sleep well, Nick

  8. Extremely helpful. I’m dealing with long term sleep loss. I did more meditation today and this at bedtime and through wake up times during the night. Very helpful in relaxing the mind and body. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Linda. So pleased you found it helpful. Sleep well, Nick

    1. Thank you Ayistroma. I plan on releasing more 8-hour videos soon. Sleep well, Nick

  9. Sorry for your lost I lost my brother also and this helps me with my anxiety and helps me to realize what’s important.

  10. Nick…Thank you once again for another magical audio session. You are the best. Appreciate all you do. Best regards always.

  11. Hi Nick…thank you for making this… listen to it every night… helps me tremendously. Be well… and thank you for what you do…

    1. Thanks. Appreciate you listening and writing. Sleep well, Nick

    2. Nick thank you so kindly for replying… I must tell u… I have a folder with sleep meditation.. from Jason Stevenson, Michael Sealey, and a multitude of others… but u… your tone, your delivery.. THE WORDS YOU USE… like ” you have no where to be” etc… are game changers for me… you have no idea…how.much this has helped. Thank you again. Adam

    3. You’re welcome, Adam. I enjoy listening to those guys also. Thanks for your kind words and, of course, for listening. Sleep well, Nick

  12. Love this one. Been with you since day one and this has to be at the top of my list for sure 🌙

    1. You have, Sarah! Thanks for staying with me these past two years! My best, Nick

  13. Love the flow of words in this one Nick. Your voice is so soothing but I kinda miss that celestial soothing background music. I suppose some people like it like that. Thanks for all the time you spend helping us all. Best wishes always 🌺

    1. Hi Trisha, thanks for listening and for your feedback. I make most of my videos with a variety of background audio options. If you take a look at the video description, you’ll likely find an option with the celestial music you prefer. My best, Nick

  14. I have tried so many sleep audio recordings but this is the first one that has helped me go straight to sleep and really sleep peacefully all night, and wake up actually happier and more refreshed in the morning. Thank You!

    1. I’m so pleased this session helped you sleep better. Thanks for listening and writing. Best wishes and sleep well, Nick

  15. Thank you once again dear Nick for your soothing bedtime routines. I am intruiged and fascinated by the way sleep hypnosis works particularly what you say about your meandering sentences and how they are structured to gradually become more complicated and sometimes vague, in a lovely, gentle, really very reassuring way. The words you say become open ended and drifting, much in the way sounds become as we drift into a world away from the harsh realities of everyday life and into a dozy, hazy mood thats so conducive to stopping anxious thoughts and entering the world of relaxation and deep slumber with nothing playing on your mind or bothering you. The way your brain almost seems to tire itself out concentrating on what you’re telling us as it becomes almost nonsensical in the best possible way. I hope this description matches what you have aimed for when you create these sessions and that i am gaining even just a little glimpse of understanding of how sleep hynpontism works. I have expetimented with listening to 2 of the other sleep hypnotism/guided sleep meditation creators on YouTube but it is your work i am compelled to return to as the voice of a trusted companion in the dark to aid my sometimes difficult and frustrating journey from wakefulness to refreshing nights of unbroken sleep. I also feel comforted by the concept that even after i have succombed to the pleasure of sleep, your affirmations are still perhaps being ingrained into my subconscious mind and giving me positive vibes for the coming day. I have noticed little nuances here and there with silences and your voice getting subtly quieter for a moment before returning to its usual volume. I wonder if this replicates what happens as we drift into sleep and any outside noises are zoned out. My sincere thanks once more to you for the kindness you put into your work and i no doubt speak for many of your listeners who rely on your voice and notions in the dark, sometimes lonesome atmosphere of our bedrooms all over the world. Such a healthier and more wholesome alternative to reliance on synthetic sleeping tablets. Just wonderful, and i recomend you to anyone that will listen, as there are so many people now who struggle with falling and staying asleep. In fact I recommended your channel to my dear Mum who occasionally struggles with sleepless nights, but unfortunately she chose to have a listen in the middle of the day, as a retired but very busy lady, and she was worried by your disclaimer at the start regarding operating machinery and driving! Hopefully she’ll remember your name the next time she finds herself feeling wide awake in the middle of the night and will give it another go. Best wishes to you Nick, your positivity and gentle approach to helping people you’ve never even met is so appreciated and valued ♥

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for listening and for taking the time to write such a lengthy and considered message. Much appreciated. I’m pleased you’re interested in hypnosis – especially sleep hypnosis. And you are correct with your observations about the language patterns. They are structured in such a way to wear out your conscious mind, while also reassuring your subconscious that it is safe to comply and follow my suggestions. And with regards to your mother listening, please do remind her that it is not advisable to listen if she’s in any place or situation where it’s unsafe to close your eyes and/or sleep. It really does work much better at home, in a safe, familiar space, where you feel comfortable. Once again, thank you for your kind and encouraging comments. Sleep well, Nick.

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