Update on Petition: Post-Roll YouTube Ads For Sleep Meditation Videos

Update on post-roll ads on YouTube sleep meditation videos. I recently had a positive and productive meeting with the YouTube team, where they assured us of their commitment to minimizing interruptions during our videos. Please watch my video for more details and thanks again for your support.

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About the Author: Joy Packard


  1. Thank you Jason, your meditations are so wonderful. 😊 i often fall a sleep before the end, so not experienced ads to much. ❤️🙏🕯

  2. GOOD! Those ads at the end of your meditations are BRUTAL. I use them to sleep but that doesn’t seem to matter. They’re still rather bothersome. Thank you!!

  3. Thank you SO much for being proactive on this issue Jason. I’ve had to stop listening to Youtube guided meditations altogether because the blaring and constant interruptions are such an assault on the senses that they render the whole exercise pointless.This doesn’t just apply to sleep meditations either. How can listeners possibly be expected to derive any spiritual benefit when their nerves are jangling? As soon as I begin a meditation now I feel nervous. It’s a bit like the Pavlov’s dogs effect or enduring electric shock therapy! I haven’t seen the petition but will try to find it.

  4. That is great to hear!Some of the YouTube ads are not worth watching. Thank you so much for your great YouTube sleep meditations, Jason! ❤ I appreciate you and your Team!

  5. First, time I’ve signed a petition and I’m so proud I did. Because, I enjoy you’re videos Jason! Thank you for the help sleeping and relaxing. Also, thank to the team!! Y’all all together make live easier for me!! ♥️ from Texas!!

  6. Thanks for your efforts to help the sleep and ASMR community, Jason and this update. Years ago I wrote to YouTube to discuss having a separate sleep venture– for so many, YouTube has been the first place they discover meditation and stories for sleep.

  7. I thank you for your time in getting this sorted out. I do believe that all meditations should be ad free. The interruptions on every meditation takes you out of the now and that is why I no longer listen to those with ads at any point. It doesn’t matter whether they are for sleeping or not. The purpose of meditation is to get in the zone, and that makes it impossible if there are ads during any part of it. Thank you for listening 🙏🎧.

  8. So glad to hear that YouTube is listening and is willing to work with content creators of this genre. I’ve used your meditations often for many years. You’re the best at this. Your videos have really helped me through my panic/fear/anxiety attacks I suffer from. Thank you for that. Many blessings to you.♡

  9. That’s so great that you are taking steps towards eliminating the ads on this type of video. There is nothing more startling and annoying than to be shaken awake by some obnoxious voice selling something. I chose your channel because I never heard ads and am usually well asleep for awhile (I always wake later to use facility then shut it off). Thank you 🙏 and look forward to hearing more.

  10. Wow Jason you are such a beautiful soul! Thank you for taking on Goliath and advocating for creator’s intentions. You’re giving a voice to so many because of your platform and it’s wonderful to see. Further, your dedication to your subscribers could honestly bring me to tears. You gotten me through the worst years of my life and I still look forward, each and every night, to returning to that sacred space you’ve created that let’s us heal, rest, contemplate without judgement, and be inspired by the wonders of the universe. Love to you and all the folks that work with you to make this possible.

  11. And you’re my favorite meditation guru. You have improved my life and I hope the universe forwards the blessings to you in ways I cannot. Bless you sir.❤

  12. I’m glad to hear our signatures mattered. My favorite videos of yours are the 8-hour ones with several meditations together. Hearing your voice helps me to not wake up in a panic after a nightmare. Thank you so much for all you do!!

    1. THIS IS THE BEHAVIOR AND SUPPORT WE NEED FOR JASON! He makes money from ads and us saying he should get no ads is taking money out of his pocket. I doubt he wants to say that but it’s true. Thank you for putting your money where your mouth is. I will try to do the same at my next paycheck.

    2. Maybe he’s should start a patreon? But YouTube premium is no ads for like $15 a month I think so maybe that’s just as good bc you will miss all ads.

  13. How sweet of him to be caring enough to speak out for others,the ads never bother me at end,only if in the middle,,so thankful for his kind words each time,I listen!!! Thank you Jason!!

  14. The ads have become so excessive on YouTube this past week it’s not worth it for me anymore. I appreciate you trying to preserve the sanctity of sleep for us❤ thank you❣️

  15. Thank you, Jason. Your videos are my sleep medication. All I need to relax and dream. Appreciate everyone. Sending love, light & appreciation. Goodnight from So CA. 💖

  16. Thank you Jason for all that you are doing to assist those of us who desperately need ad-free sleep! ❤

  17. And we love you, Jason! Thank you so much for spearheading the petition so we could make our collective voices heard!

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