Unpacking your life A quiet talk self counselling Journey to self reflection and growth

Welcome to the official YouTube channel and podcast of Lauren Ostrowski Fenton, where we provide valuable content focused on helping you achieve better sleep and overall well-being. Lauren specializes in assisting individuals experiencing anxiety and loneliness, guiding them on a transformative journey towards restful nights and rejuvenating mornings.

Through the power of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and sleep meditation techniques, Lauren shares insights on mindfulness and its ability to enhance sleep quality. Explore various sleep improvement strategies designed to address common sleep troubles and find effective solutions. Discover how CBT can be a powerful tool in managing and overcoming sleep disorders.

Join Lauren in her guided sleep meditations, where she combines relaxation techniques with her soothing voice to create a tranquil atmosphere conducive to deep rest. Unlock the secrets of managing anxiety for better sleep and harness the power of positive thinking to promote peaceful nights. Self-care is also emphasised as an essential aspect of restful nights.

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Please note that the information provided by Lauren Ostrowski Fenton is intended to provide support, information, and comfort. It does not replace professional guidance on medical or mental health issues. Before making any decisions about your health, please consult with your doctor. Do not listen to meditation while driving. Meditation and mindful movement are powerful tools to support you, but they are not substitutes for medical care.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a more peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. We hope our content helps you relax, find calm, and improve your overall well-being.
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Original vocals, script by Lauren Ostrowski Fenton. All rights reserved © 2024

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  1. Hi, there, everyone,. In response to your request, I am doing a self-counselling session for particular reasons. The quality isn’t great, but I hope the content is helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions. Due to my old computer, I’ve used Zoom to record this, exploring some of the common questions I receive when I counsel. Remember you can always book counselling with me by ‘simply book me’ the website and using my name, Lauren Ostrowski Fenton https://laurenostrowskifenton.simplybook.me/v2/
    thinking of you now, as always. Love Lauren

  2. Happy Friday Lauren from Northern California! You helped me almost 10 years ago. Still appreciate you

  3. So many thank you’s for all you have done for me and others, in helping with grief loss and so much more help that attributes to a healthy mind 🙂

  4. I have only one pot holed road to walk. My “self” is multidimensional not bifurcated into shortstop beings.
    My values are flexible concepts. Fidelity has multiplicity of meanings. Actions yo prove I’m living these values is non productive since my values are like water not like stone. We don’t need to live within a group we choose to.
    My goals are to continue to live. Nature had otherwise chosen a different path that I have no control over.
    Happiness is a fleeting emotion just like usual sadness or anger etc. if we are neurotically attached to micro managing our emotions then we are expressing maladaptive behavior.
    Understanding consequences of our behavior is important provided we don’t make this a priori or a fundrmental neurotic fixation focus. We are not the person we were minutes ago we are evolving and in a state of flux. Habits are behaviors that we allow ourself to have because they provide gratification of some kind. We decide to keep or leave our habits based upon our motivation to change them We create our opportunity we create our failures or things we convince ourselves are failing.
    You have an issue with labels no? These ideological structures are label intensive it’s how you were taught what cognitive therapy is. It isn’t!
    What is healthy or meaningful to me may not be what is healthy or meaningful to you. Does anyone behavior add to anyone else’s? Empirically no. We each use our own value judgement to process things but it is rarely empirical. Behavioral patterns that we repeat that are maladaptive are neurotic but truly human behaviors that goes t mean they are bad or good. It means we choose to maintain them
    Or to change them.
    Each persons journey is different each individualized to that person, it’s very difficult to bunch peoples behavioral and ideological constructs in a generalized global way. Everyone from Freud yo Jung to Rogers did this without considering the individuality of each person and their very own world view and personal relationship to life and others in their life.
    It’s important to question our lives our beliefs but we need to do this based upon true empirical evidence be based concepts and the personal individuals total
    Life experiences and process of thinking they have habituated and attenuated to. Truth has many facts but truth is ultimately indisputable. Change occurs in people when the motivation to change outweighs the motivation to stay the same and even even they change they can fluctuate again into change that is maladaptive. It’s one road with many obstacles. We learn to deal with those obstacles in a way that benefits our life and hopefully the world around us but as fallable human beings it’s a tall order. Sometimes we admit we don’t have all the answers just fragments of them.

  5. I need to exercise more (yoga & gym). I did find a spirit group last Sunday; haven’t attended a church of any type in decades. I’ve lived alone 9 years, and find dating extremely frustrating today at age 62.

    1. Same here just slightly “younger”. Though I’d rather not date at this moment. Too much to handle getting to learn another while I’m into finding me completely and I’m into God. Why god had me here. I don’t date but when men even talk ..at….me…I just can’t lol they show themselves immediately and Id never let myself get caught in a grown man person whoas., Emotional fastness and immaturities. Cause next he’ll assume I can fix it lol nope lol. But yes to yoga yes to good groups and yes to ..same her lived alone for a decade and I’d rather lol. So..just showing solidarity, I understand,💃❤️

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