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  1. My wife and I are having a debate. She says that the girl at the end is sleeping in her own bed. I say that the girl is sleeping in her parents bed. Who’s right? Also the quarantine definitely hasn’t affected our sanity…

    1. Stephen Lothrop bro she’s sleeping in her parents bed see notice how the bed frame changes

    2. She is definitely sleeping in her parents bed. Notice the painting above their bed. Her room was totally different, she also had a twin size bed.

    3. xpez I hate that girl, I hate how she says it was so easy to install…. she didn’t even help install it!

  2. I’ve seen the dad in something and I cant put my finger on it. Driving me crazy

    1. He’s been in other commercials but was he Penny’s ( not too bright) boyfriend in Big Bang?

  3. I just saw this. The little girl reminds me of my daughter. I laughed so hard and immediately had to look for this and favorite it.

  4. If u watch from 0:24/0:30 the girl is sleeping in her parents bed and she’s snoring

  5. I came all the way over here from seeing this ad for the millionth time just to say. What family has all that money to buy all those mattresses at once 🤔

  6. I just came here to write that this commercial is stupid and makes no sense at all. That’s all.

  7. Hahah wow as someone that delivers these beds I can safely say either that dude is ripped when he just slides the bed out of the box or they used a fake foam topper that was wrapped to look like the bed because there’s no way he could yank it out of the box that easier. 😅

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