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  1. I have no idea when or why I subscribed but I’m definitely not mad at it. This is a well edited and fresh take. Kudos to all involved.

  2. PLEASE bring casper sleep channel, but can june be the narrator, even if that’s not possible, could we get more episodes!?

  3. Don’t waste your money. I bought a Pima Cotton fancy bedsheet set not even 3 years ago and it sponaneously ripped to shreds for no apparent reason recently. Never had that happen to bedsheets before in my life. Fragile product, not worth the hefty price that you will pay for the “quality”

  4. Would be better if you put money into actually making good products instead of video editing! The most expensive pillow I nought and one of the worst!!! I’d rather sleep on the pillow that gives me bad neck and headaches but still can fall aslepp rather than having less pain but not sleep at all! But apparently can’t return because I didn’t bought it from their store, but one of their secondary sellers and it happens that their policy is shorter than the one Casper provides. I’m a poor student, I was hoping to finally be able to sleep without pain but you made me waste my precious money down the drain…

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