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  1. why avoid it would it be real if you did? isn’t it part of us our environment. bring it into the meditation it was included during the creation, what does that tell you? who are we really. i liked it when you could hear the washing machine in the background your kids in the background, noise. consider a deaf person and what joy it would bring to their heart just to hear the noise that we try to shut out of our world. to sit in the silence.

    1. i say add the cockatoos bring in the elephants the giraffes the hyenas and the wolves. just keep the communists and the mother-in-law’s out lol

  2. Avoiding this noise??? How about staying present with it and stop resisting what your life sends you- avoiding, I don’t think, has a place in meditation- too much resistance which means tension.

  3. They are magnificent birds flying free. It’s such a shame to see them caged , their Sulfur crest sunken. Ty❤

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