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  1. Ya know… thats an awesome way to look at it… the ones that have been upset are kinda like protectors or if we could be … shields of the kind hearted, gentle ones… when one of our own gets messed with, we stand up to protest and protect.. whether silently/ verbally… some of us quiet ones just lie in wait to pounce if it reaches an intolerable level. luv ya

  2. You didn’t offer me breakfast therefore you’ll receive my hate
    Just kidding

  3. Thank you 🙏🏼 may angels guide and protect you always all ways

  4. when i listen to you talk Lauren, i know you are in a higher place. and everyday im grateful i found this platform. “Suffer any injury that can be borne, for the sake of peace.”

    There was a time in history when a man would feel compelled to protect his honor against one who slandered him or otherwise besmirched his character. The offended party would challenge the offender to a duel.

    Retaliation is what most people expect and how worldly people act. Turning the other cheek requires help from on high. Responding to hatred with love and ignoring personal slights display the supernatural power of the indwelling Holy Spirit and may afford the chance to share the gospel.

    Jesus was, of course, the perfect example of turning the other cheek because He was silent before His accusers and did not call down revenge from heaven on those who crucified Him. Instead, He prayed.

    He tells us to go the extra mile for someone who abuses us and to love and pray for our enemies instead of holding enmity against them. In summary, Jesus is saying we need to be pure inside and out and as accommodating as possible for the sake of a lost world.

  5. I haven’t moved beyond the pain of hate. I’m stuck in it. I want to get to the place where you are. It is no mistake this message came into my life. Thank you

    1. Hate can only be effective when you allow it to provoke a negative emotion. I was bullied horribly growing up and when I first enlisted in the military because of my thick southern accent. I found to use humor and make fun of myself to take the wind out of bullies, but that didn’t take way the hurt of not fitting in. Then, I started learning psychology and learned that bullies do these acts due to insecurities, low self-esteem, and deep envy. They see others doing better than them, compare themselves to others, and lash out in myriad forms, including via social media, whisper campaigns, mobbing (forming a group to bully), and even physical violence. So, I would redirect their hate by telling them that it’s ok to make fun of me if that makes them feel better. When you take away that power to hurt, they must move on. I understand this is a very simplified response, but remember that you control the power that a bully has.

  6. Can’t help with the hate gift. Guess I’m going with the love and appreciation gift. Leading by example Lauren. Beautiful ♥

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