The ULTIMATE Guide To Understanding How Sleep Works

We know that chronically poor sleep is linked to things like an increased risk for high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. It's CRUCIAL that you set yourself up for quality, consistent sleep to maximize your overall health.

While you sleep, your body is undergoing a complex set of biological and neurological processes. Your body is at work restoring its cells; your brain is flushing the waste from the previous day; and all of this happens in regular sleep cycles throughout the night.

In this video, sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus explains what we know about how sleep works, what occurs in each sleep stage, and how you can take practical, simple steps to improve your sleep quality night after night.

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0:00 How Sleep Works
0:20 The Two Systems in the Brain
2:44 Sleep Stages and Sleep Cycles
4:37 Stage 1 Sleep
4:59 Stage 2 Sleep
5:20 Stage 3 and 4
6:50 REM Sleep
10:17 Planning Your Bedtime
11:48 The Effects of Bad Sleep
13:53 The Effects of Good Sleep
14:13 Natural Vitamins for Better Sleep

😴 Michael Breus, Ph.D., is a double board-certified clinical psychologist and sleep expert. He's been in practice since 1999 and helped thousands of patients improve their sleep. Dr. Breus has written five books on sleep and conducted over 1,000 interviews to the press and public.

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    1. Sounds like you don’t have much trouble falling asleep. I’m jealous😔

  1. This is the most effective sleep podcast, it’s easy to understand and benefit to everybody. Thank you for sharing your expertise, love it !!!

  2. Im noticing weird sleeping habits, can someone explain why I get a fall shock type of thing? For the past seven days I have it every night 2x and I do weird stuff like I immediately stand up and go to check something.. like it doesn’t make sense.. its like I’m awake but bc of my dreams i woke up and enact it like immediately… what’s happening???

  3. Dr. B I must ask, was the patient with the REM disorder partly an inspiration for your new book? 😃 (Reminded me of your new book’s synopsis!)

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