The ULTIMATE Guide to Travel CPAP Machines

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If you live with sleep apnea and frequently travel for work or pleasure, a travel-friendly CPAP machine can be a great investment. In addition to being smaller and lighter than standard CPAP machines, these devices are equipped with certain features that make them convenient to use when you’re on the move. Join Tayler as she covers the important features and functions to look for when choosing a travel CPAP machine.

👩🏻‍💻 For more information, check out Sleep Foundation's page on the best travel CPAP machines:
📺 For more tips on how to find the right hose for your CPAP machine, check out our video:

0:00 Why Use a Travel CPAP Machine?
1:12 Dimensions
1:37 Noise
1:58 FAA Compliance
2:21 Humidification
3:12 Submitting Compliance Data
3:42 Price
4:10 Some Buying Tips

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