The surprising fact about humidity and sleep

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  1. Good information. Yes, I’ve noticed that flipping the covers back cools and dries. A dehumidifier will be helpful in the Pacific Northwest.

  2. The answer is simple make sure you don’t sleep on a all foam mattress. Those things get hot. Make sure your sheets are cotton on cool nights and cotton blend on hot nights. Make sure you let your bed air out before making it again. Preferably 2 hours after getting up. Make sure you open your rooms windows in the early morning hours to remove excess moisture in the air. ❤

    1. Nothing you said has anything to do with humidity. And opening your windows in the morning isn’t the right answer either! Almost never is!

    2. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing as Billmull9522. I agree about foam mattresses feeling hot but that’s just temperature, or at least partly temperature, not humidity. And opening the window: that depends on how humid it is outside. It can sometimes be far _more_ humid outside than in. There’s also the issue of pollen for allergy sufferers like myself.

  3. Wow, surprising indeed! 50 to 60% humidity?! I’m used to keeping my house between 30 and 40%, as I thought I had read some years ago, and it feels comfortable. I would think I would feel downright clammy at even 50%

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