The Sleepiest Music [New Version]

In the original version of this video there was some sort of glitch that made the video freeze but we've fixed that and released it 🙂
In this sleep sound bath, you'll notice the gentlest of melodies being played on the singing bowls. This will engage the mind just enough to stop those busy thoughts while leaving plenty of room for you to drift away on these soothing vibrations.
Sweet dreams everyone 🛌💜

As always…
🏮 The low lighting dims slowly over the course of the first hour so that you will fall asleep fast and stay asleep.
🛌 The gentlest strikes of the singing bowls will serve to ease the mind and stimulate the types of thoughts that will soon become your dreams.
🚫 There are no commercials for the entire 8 hours.

We hope you achieve deep, pure sleep and awake feeling rested, healthy, and energized. If you like the video please subscribe for more.

-The Healing Vibrations Media Team

Best for insomnia, anxiety, tension, and of course, bedtime.

Did you know we have hundreds of other sounds baths on our other channel?

Come listen to our Zodiac or chakra based sound baths as well as many others ❤️

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  1. Yesterday we released this video with a glitch in it that caused the picture to freeze.
    We’ve reuploaded a clean version to ensure the highest quality experience 💜 Sweet dreams everyone!

    1. They said in the comments about this for another video that it loops after every 30 min. It’s a smooth loop.

  2. Thanks again you guys for helping calming and soothing my body I don’t know what I would do without you beautiful souls I hope you get 💖 a good night sleep and again thanks for supporting me cause I really need it sleep well beautiful souls and everyone 💗

  3. Goodnight all , suffered of anxiety , hard working individuals, survivors, everyone in general , your worries may be put to rest in this video , 🙏🏼 ❤

    1. Thank you for your kindness Andrea! I hope the absolute same for you ❤🙏❤

    2. Your comment made me cry. Thank you for your kindness. May you have a good night.

  4. Thank you so much for all the dedicated work you do for so many! I usually just listen and don’t comment. However, I wanted to hand my appreciation and thanks to everyone who went into the creation of this video, you all very well deserve it! (Especially on this one, it’s my favorite so far!!)

  5. I remember HATING this sound as a kid/teenager. Nowadays, I see how it works and its quite soothing. 😆🥰

    1. Высокие частоты могут быть для ребёнка сложными, трудно усваиваемыми. У него ещё не сформировались понятия, которые помогут описать необычные ощущения. Но также это зависит от опыта души. Мой сын 14 лет тоже ругается на мою эзотерическую музыку:)

    2. Like @Alfia Dementieva said, younger (under ~20) ears pick up higher frequencies than us old farts, and those may have been unpleasant or uncomfortable. Now that you can’t hear those anymore, they don’t sour the experience.

    3. @theGhostWolfe говорите лучше за себя. Я помню, как я слышала в детстве, и сейчас мой слух только развился. Дети могут быть чувствительнее, но это не значит, что эти способности всегда утрачиваются с возрастом. Зависит от внутренних установок и от рода занятий.

    4. @Alfia DementievaYou should look it up. As early as age 18, the average person begins to lose their ability to hear very high frequencies. Some people retain their sensitivity longer, some people lose it earlier, but on average, teens can hear high-pitched sounds that older people cannot.

    1. I have yet to watch the whole thing, but I’d assume there’s a loop in there somewhere. 8 straight hours of playing seems like a bit much lol

    2. @xo da don why? i have no doubt there are monks out there who could play these much longer than 8 hours, these people have profound strength of mind

  6. Wishing you a restful sleep. May you wake up more enlightened, and energized. Your time is coming 💛

  7. I play this on my phone above my head when I sleep and it’s a whole freakin BRAIN MASSAAAAGE

  8. This works a treat! I could not sleep last night, for some reason I just couldn’t switch my thoughts off! And I was wide awake. I listened to this and within the hour I was sleepy and relaxed, and went off to sleep just fine. Thank you! 😊⭐️🎄

  9. Thank you for this! I just wish there were a 1-3 hour version of this so it’s not draining my phone battery all night 🙂

    1. I think if you turn on “remind me to take a break” in the settings you should be able to set a timer that will stop the video and that should get your phone to lock!

    2. I set a timer on my iPhone and set the alarm to, Stop playing, it will turn off in its own

  10. This sound is so good that I slept this night during shelling attack (Kyiv, UKraine). This level calming 😂 Many thanks!)

    1. Gosh, I’m honored we could hold a small bit of peace for you Iryna. Sending you all of our love ❤🫂

    2. Beautiful thank you so much love light and a thousand blessings 🎉

  11. Have an 8 month old going through sleep regression… All your videos have been SO helpful through this process not only for him, but my partner and I as well. THANK YOU!!!

    1. I’m grateful my music has been able to help. Thank you for sharing! 💜✨

  12. Please do not come to this comment section and be rude and negative, even when someone is talking about their personal experiences, troubles, and situations. All we want to do when we come to this video is either meditate, focus, or sleep with good vibes in our heads and tummies.😊

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Anyone who brings that type of energy here, just needs a little bit more love from us all. 💜🙏☺️

  13. I’m sick and this was so comforting to listen to all night, thank you!

    1. I’m happy this could bring you some comfort! I hope you recover quickly. 💜💜💜

  14. As many if you I suffer from anxhiety and I found this channel a few days ago and Ive Been listening to this when I go to sleep for the past 4 days and its just mindblowing how well I sleep, and if I wakr up during the night I hear this sound and it just makes me feel safe and calm and I go right back to sleep. Started listening to it while meditating today and its a true gamechanger. Thank you for youre beautiful work and dedication. I wish you all well and happiness ❤ Bless you all. And remember, you will be OK.

    1. I’m honored by your message, Maria and grateful you found your way to my channel. Thank you for taking in all of these vibrations, I’m happy they work for you. Big hugs to you! 💜💜💜🫂

  15. I’ve been having the hardest time sleeping these past three weeks, and this got me falling asleep with the LIGHTS ON. Bless you 🙏💖

  16. Great sound! My cats were crazy running over the furniture for over 1 hour, and only got calm when I played this video.😊 Thank you. 🌷

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