The SECRET to beating the afternoon slump (It’s NOT Coffee)

Join Dr. Michael Breus as he shares how to power through midday tiredness without the help of caffeine, including tips on boosting your energy, staying alert, and improving productivity.

Read more about how to boost your midday energy without resorting to another cup of coffee by visiting Sleep Doctor:

0:00 Why You Feel Tired in the Afternoon
0:50 How to Get Through the Afternoon Slump Without Caffeine
2:20 Other Ways to Power Through Your Afternoon Slump
2:53 How to Prevent Your Afternoon Slump


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  1. I am such a grateful follower! I love the three fifteen you speak of and find them so helpful! I also stop caffeine at seven or eight AM every day. If I get a slump, I drink more water and brush my teeth … helps me and I work from home so it is easy. Thank you again and I am convinced I am on my way to better sleep!

  2. Thank you so much for your advice. I have learned and implemented so many of your tips for getting a good sleep and having a productive day. I have a sleep ring that helps me a lot, but finding you, a real sleep Doctor has been a wonderful experience. 👍

  3. I’m a new fan of this channel – thank you for the insights! A clinician colleague I once worked with suggested that if you are tired in the afternoon and going into a long meeting, try drinking a litre of water. For two reasons – first, hydration will support alertness. Second, you are much more likely to be alert with a full bladder!!

  4. Very helpful, clear, simple information and great healthy tips! I will definitely try them out. Thank you immensely for sharing this video with us Dr. Michael!👋❤👍

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