The Newborn Nap Schedule You’ve Been Searching For!

There is one thing that I begged to know when I had my first daughter. I looked at my lactation consultant and said "Please give me a schedule!" But she couldn't give me one! I was so upset because that's all I wanted! If you are holding newborn right now, I know that's all you want too! So get ready because in this video I give you the newborn sleep schedule I know you've been looking for!

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  1. Such valuable information for new parents!!! Wish I knew this too. I found out pretty soon with my first but still, it was so hard to do with a baby that fights sleep even when you respect these times. Do some babies just fight sleep? Or was I missing her ideal sleep window and she was just super sensitive to over tiredness?

    1. Even when hitting the awake windows some newborns may fight sleep. This is why I loved baby carriers to take a walk when I was emotionally tired as well!

    2. @Little Z’s Sleep Thank you for responding, yes, the carrier is a huge help. It was just hard for me because the older child wanted to be held at the same time and would melt down and I couldn’t walk anywhere with them like that …. I should have just made them sit in the stroller and walked that baby to sleep. Easier said than done for me.

  2. When I start seeing my little one yawn (who has already been up for an hour), I start doing our nap routine and it takes an a half hour or an hour and half at times to get her back down. So by this point shes been up for 2 hours sometimes. So when you say down for a nap, it takes just as long getting them down as it has for them being up and I get frustrated. Does anyone else have the same struggles? Is there something I can do to help get her down quicker?

    1. same here, by the time i feed my baby, change her nappy, feed her again, clean her vomit, change her outfit, feed her again, change her nappy again, feed her again, rock her to sleep its been 2 hours 😂 i try to make the wake window as short as i can but it just doesnt happen

    2. Babies younger than a month go to sleep when they are tired. Babies older than an month will be up more than 2 hours at a stretch. Sleep routine consists of baby getting hungry and cranky, baby eating, baby going to sleep. Change diaper in the middle of feeding. There is literally no need for anything elaborate. And you can wear the baby all day and keep working as you go. Babies generally only want a small snack after a nap, so the normal pattern (after their breakfast!) is play, eat, sleep, snack, play, eat, sleep, snack….

    3. @Gen Li I’ve got it pretty worked out now. Newborn stage was rough. I don’t feed to sleep we do eat, play, sleep and 2hr awake window is too long even after 1 mo old. That’s more of a 4-5 mo wake window

    4. @Danielle Why you need so much feed in one wake window? Honestly asking (pregnant with 1st)

  3. What age is considered “newborn”? My baby is currently 8.5 weeks and we are researching all the different sleep training/scheduling options. Some programs say at 8 weeks he could be awake for up to 2 hours. He is usually ready to nap in the 1-1.5 hour range (sometimes sooner) I try to watch his cues, but I’m wondering at what point we can use more of a “schedule” vs routine

    1. Hey Lindz! Newborns are 0-15 weeks old. You’re correct, some programs suggest starting sleep training at 8 weeks old. However, I disagree because at that age babies are still very much unable to self-soothe and are only just then learning the difference between day and night. A real SCHEDULE won’t emerge until 6 months when we go to 2 naps. Until then, it’s all about awake windows!

  4. Everything I needed to hear with 4 week old on my chest. I had twins 6 years back and I had a feeding schedule. It feels weird feeding on demand but I also enjoy not having to think too much about a “schedule” sometimes I just need reminding that that’s ok

  5. Very high quality video’s. I’m trying to help my wife with our 3 month old son get into a sleep routine

  6. I LOVE you for this!! Wow I am literally going through the same exact thing!! Thinking my baby is just alert but she is 3 months today and it’s become a bit exhausting because she requires me to hold/feed her all day!! Thank you!!

  7. We do pretty well most days with the wake windows and consistent naps, but those last few hours of the day are always a challenge…usually after about 5 pm he refuses to sleep no matter what.

  8. My 5-week-old is usually up for hours on end no matter what I do. She takes one good nap at night and maybe one or two in the morning when I’m lucky. After that it’s half an hour here or there, at the very most, and sometimes she literally doesn’t sleep for hours. She’s incredibly stubborn and I don’t know what to do anymore. The only thing that helps is driving, but that doesn’t seem very safe when I’m way over-tired and my nerves are frayed. Sometimes a walk works. Sometimes.

    1. Hey there! The early newborn weeks are so tough! I would continue to try to follow 45-60 minute wake windows, even if naps are short. If you would like to learn more about newborn sleep, my Newborn Course will help you lay the foundation of great sleep!

    2. I have a similar baby but mine doesn’t even sleep in the car. Reading the happiest baby on the block helped. Anyway, how’s your baby now? I’m interested to hear as I hope mine gets better with time

  9. I cried watching this! It’s nice to hear some kind of routine for the newborn stage. I had no idea about the 45-60min rule! It really gives you something to strive for!

  10. Thank you for this my video! I’m going to try this. My newborn wakes up at the craziest times. If he could sleep 6 hours at night I’d be happy but it’s been a journey. So at this point I’ll try anything

  11. literally watching this because i’m pregnant with my second and want to do EVERYTHING different with this baby. My two year still doesn’t sleep through the night and i can’t get him out of my bed, so i’m taking notes now!

  12. I so wish I had found this video 12 weeks ago!!! Now I feel very accomplished that we have only been managing one or two naps a day in the bassinet 😅

  13. Great video! Once you can get a newborn down to nap, should you let them sleep for as long as they want? Or is there a max time that you should wake them up? Thank you!

    1. I have mine on a feeding schedule so there naps go according to their feed. If I feed every day at 5pm and he’s still napping then I wake him to feed

  14. I needed to watch this! I have a 4 week old baby girl and putting her to sleep at night is the most challenging thing I’ve experienced in my life. I use an app to track her naps and sleeps but when guests come she misses out on naps and becomes so overtired at night that she is unable to fall asleep at night until sometimes 5am! I’m really working hard on establishing this routine in our lives so she could get a better night sleep and not suffer much because of being so overtired. Thank you again for this insight. 🙏🏽

    1. Hey Elena! Newborns are tough! You know what is best for your baby, if you know that she needs a nap, it is totally fine for you to offer her a nap when people are visiting. Both you and her need that rest. You are doing a great job 🙂

    2. During the day put her down for naps even with usual day noises. So if you watch tv then turn on your show at the volume you usually listen to it, if you have other kids let them make whatever noise they usually make, basically don’t be afraid to make noise. This can teach baby the difference between night and day. Idk if having done this is what made it less difficult to put my newborn to sleep but we haven’t had any issues so far. Also gave yourself some grace and be patient she is a newborn and you’re doing the best you can.

  15. You’re so sweet! Thank you for sharing! My baby is six weeks old. I had him up for 2 hours yesterday and then he was SUPER TIRED! I felt so bad.. I was distracted and time flew.

  16. New mom alert 🚨 thank you I’m doing my research before my baby boy comes 😊

  17. I watched this video yesterday and I’m coming back to leave a comment cause I think it saved me 😅 I kept reading about wake windows but I honestly thought my 7week old just had longer wake windows and was a very alert baby. I also thought he did not like to be swaddled but now I’ve learned that was because I waited too long to swaddle him and he was already overtired and cranky. Now I swaddle my happy baby at 60minutes, turn off the lights, rock him a bit in his crib and he’s out for his nap. I almost have too much time on my hands now *knock on wood* and he also slept much better last night because he was swaddled! Thank you so much!

  18. Thank you. I felt it was impossible to have any sleep schedule with my twins. I was getting so nervous coz they just did their own things. I wanted so much to have them awake for 2h before bed time, like play, bath, feed, sleep. But nope. No way. I decided to just follow them. Tonight they fall asleep and i decided to put them down without a bath and I felt so bad skipping my schedule. Now I feel more comfortable that i dont have to keep them awake before bed and to feed to sleep.

  19. This was super helpful! Im 36 weeks pregnant and im a planner and have everything ready to go but i wanted to have some sort of idea of what to expect with a new, first time baby. This helps so much! Thank you for this video. Can you make a video regarding night time sleeping? You mentioned that 45-60 wake window doesnt count at night. Can you explain more.

    1. Hey Nina! Congrats! I think you would really enjoy my newborn course!

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