The magic of castor oil with Sherri McKnight

Have you heard of castor oil packs to address sleep struggles, hormonal issues, constipation and more?

This week I'm interviewing Dr. Sherri McKnight, Holistic Health Practitioner. We talk about the ancient remedy castor oil. Learn about castor oil benefits and liver packs.

Castor oil packs are one of my favourites to help calm the nervous system and support sleep. I like to use it topically only!

The castor oil and pack I use is from Queen of the thrones; here is my affiliate link, if you make a purchase through the link, you will help support the channel. Thanks in advance!

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I'm Annika Carroll, Women's Sleep & Health Coach. I help women get their sleep & energy back and help them feel like they're in their 20s again.

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  1. I cured several warts at different times. I put it in a piece of cotton and then wear a band aid on top and kept it as long as possible, and suddenly one day the wart wasn’t there anymore!😊

    1. I’ve done the same minus the castor oil. Just suffocating the wart is enough to kill it.

    2. @lilbirdz Tube wellI do not remember it how long, never the less I mean as long as needed , insist and one day you go to do it again BUT the. Warts aren’t there any more!

  2. I have healed so many things with castor oil. The first was plantar fasciitis which I had had for at least 5 years and had gotten so bad and painful that I had to use walking sticks. Someone suggested it and within 3 days I was better. I went from barely able to walk to totally better in 3 days.

    1. How did you use the castor oil to heal your plantar fasciitis? Did you use packs? Are you able to come back to this post and share

    2. @Coral Rose don’t know from packs, just put it directly on the skin and added a little heat.took it off the morning after. Did this maybe twelve times in two weeks then once in a while for a month or two. No lingering pangs or stiffness even now.

  3. A holistic practitioner friend, who works as a nurse, wrapped a castor oil soaked towel around my knee and covered it with Saran and applied a heating pad on low. This was due to a gunshot wound that damaged the shin, knee and associated muscles there about. I was literally up walking without crutches in two weeks time. Experienced less pain and soreness using repeat treatments from time to time as well. Was it mentioned that this oil’s made from a plant that’s name in English is the palm of Christ? I think it’s been used by indigenous peoples from very early times.

    1. @habibahas13 I believe central America, otherwise south America. Read this years ago,truly cannot recall the details. But remembered the connection of the name given to the plant by missionaries traveling with the conquistadors. And that it was being used by the local culture of wherever that was,lol. Not helpful, but maybe a clue for you. Sorry for the Brain lock, that was forty plus years ago

    2. @habibahas13 India. Castor oil has been used for centuries by all cultures, European, Asia, no one indigenous people “own” it. It’s wonderful and is great, topically and internally (this last use on a limited basis)

  4. I’ve had pain from a knee injury for 10 years. I will definitely try this. Also while on vacation I ate foods that I would normally not. I was constipated for a month untill I remembered my grandmother using castor oil. I had been to the hospital, nothing they gave me worked. I struggled, as I said, for an entire month. I took 2 tbsps and 6 hours later I felt wonderful. The following day I took 1 tbsp for good measure. It’s a wonderful natural remedy. Yes the oil I purchased was in brown or amber glass bottle cold pressed,hexane free castor oil.

    1. You actually just take it from spoon? I was not sure how you ingest? Only topical use.

    2. You will definitely love it I even put in 50 drops of frankincense oil in my bottle because frankincense helps. Arthritis to the combo is great.

  5. My fur baby Pitbull had a hard lump on lower back by hip, I started putting castor oil on it and in two weeks it was completely gone. Vet wanted to do a biopsy, I’m so glad I chose not to. ❤🙏🏼.

    1. @Tahira Razaq I would just rub it on the lump two three times a day. He couldn’t reach it to lick it off thankfully. It heals so many things. I have a bad knee for years and the first time I used it on my knee overnight the next morning I literally had no pain at all. There are tons of videos about it.

    2. @Lauren Gianna thank you I am aware of the power of castor oil I use it and recommend castor oil packs to my female clients for reproductive issues. Just hadn’t bought about using it in animals and if it would be safe so thank you for confirming this 👍🏽

  6. My daughter was so constipated during last few months of pregnancy. She took castor oil small amount and helped her so much.

  7. I used it around my eyes when I had eyelid psoriasis. It cleared up and never returned. Helped lashes and brows grow a little too, lupus makes my hair fall out.

    1. Did the Castor Oil on your liver as well, got rid of cervical polyp and cervical cancer by doing the liver. Yes all gone

    2. My eyes are so sensitive to the sun and bright lights. I put it on my eyes and it really helped.

    3. @PEMF IMRS Wonderful! Did you just apply at night or ? How much did you apply. Very happy for you!

    4. Helps grow lashes also, one drop rubbed in on lashes, I do my whole face.

    5. @Jesus, The Bride 💕 Rapture did you just rub it in on your eyelids??

  8. Swiss and other central european cultures have had this knowledge for centuries. I have a few good text books on the topic here at home, and have always had a lot of help from Castor oil packs for whatever the discomfort is. Amazing stuff. One book that covers it is Dr Vogel’s Health Book, can still be found in secondhand bookshops, opshops or antiquarian booksellers. It is mentioned a few times in the autobiography of Mahatma Ghandi (he was a great one for vegetarianism, fruit diets and so on). Everyone knows he lived a long and effective life (leading the sucessful movement for liberation from British rule)and fighting for the rights of indentured labourers for many years.

    1. @Rinda Rossouw Here, pack means a cloth soaked in castor oil.
      simply, apply castor oil on the part of the body and cover with a cotton cloth. apply little warm heat

  9. 2005 My doctor wanted to take my gallbladder out. But my mom and my sister both had theirs out years before so I know it gives you horrible consequences. So I was not gonna do it willingly. I started castor oil heated packs and here it is 2023 and I still have my gallbladder. Thank you Jesus. ❤🙏🕊

    1. I unfortunately had to have mine removed but had I known what I do now I would have immediately treated my gallbladder with castor oil. Now I use it to help my body still yet without the gallbladder

    2. Praise His holy and precious name forever , Jesus Christ is our healer , He gave us all those thing that we can use, like castor oil.

  10. I also have that common problem of waking up in the middle of the might, usually between 3 and 4 and having a hard time getting back to sleep. Now I’m looking forward to trying castor oil as a liver detox tool. Thanks!

    1. I’m doing the same thing!! Cannot get back to sleep 😫 I’m starting to try it also! 🙏🙏🙏

    2. Angie W Oh really? When you get up quickly do you get light headed? Because I looked into that as well and it could be a sign of a vitamin B1 deficiency. I fainted one time getting out of bed (its a blood pressure regulation problem) and its known as POTS syndrome.

    3. You can also stop snacking or eating after 6 pm. 5
      This stops you going to the bathroom at night.

    4. Foes castor oil help you sleep.or cleaning liver gelps sleep.for slerp do u take a teaspoon?internally.?

  11. My daughter went through 6 long months of podiatrist scraping and freezing her planters wart on the ball of her foot… And more baby warts started growing all around the 1 he was ” treating”! I told him it wasn’t working, so what was next?! He said she needed to have surgery and would be in a bit for 3 months afterwards! 😳… My father in law died, so we traveled for the funeral.. Missing the surgery appointment…. Aunt Juanita told me to just go get some caster oil and apply it liberally numerous times a day…I did…SO, by the time we left From the funeral… That way came to a head… And DROPPED OFF her foot! Never again had she had a problem!! I told the doctor, but he said it wasn’t the caster oil, but it was ” just time for it to go away”!… Why surgery appointment then?! Native American cure of the day🤗

    1. Thanks for sharing that story made me remember when I was a kid and gosh this was 4550 years ago. I had a planters wart on the ball of my foot also and I remember somebody saying to me about using castor oil and baking soda and I did and put a Band-Aid over my foot and I had to dig it out a little bit because the thing was driving me crazy and it cured the planters wart.
      I just forgot about all that over all these years

  12. I got rid of a cataract in each eye by putting a couple of drops of castor oil in my eyes at night. I had an eye exam that showed one in each eye. I started using castor oil in my eyes at night at bedtime, maybe three times a week. Two years later another eye exam; no cataracts. Two years after that test, another eye exam; no cataracts. I don’t know how it works, but it works beautifully.

    1. What brand castor did u use? Was it in glass or plastic bottle.? Thx. Happy for you, that’s awesome!

    2. ​@donnadiesburg7451 I’d say get expert advice before doing that. Your body is one thing your eyes are different from the script altogether

  13. I have had a complete hysterectomy (nothing left) and my gallbladder removed due to cancer almost 2 years ago, hypothyroidism from birth. I just started using the oil pack last week just for 45 minutes or so in the evening over my belly and I have noticed deep sleep on those nights and the comfort of the whole routine is worth it just for that. I have a huge scar from the surgeries that I look forward to seeing what the Castor oil can help with.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am so glad you are feeling better and that the pack is helping you so much!

    2. @Inga 8 you can add some Rosehip oil to castor oil. Rose oil is also excellent to add. X

  14. I’ve written and re-written this post so many times trying to get it just right. I don’t want to give anyone false hopes. According to the internet, about 10-12% of adults in North America suffer from IBS type symptoms. To say I’m one of them is the understatement of the century. Out of sheer despairation, I decided to do a laxative regularly. Not just a temporary fix when I was past hope of anything else working. Doctor after doctor has told me never take a laxative all the time because I will become dependent. I’M 71 years old! Who cares if I’m dependent when I never know if the next round is going to kill me! And how can I not say something when there is a chance this might help someone else as much as its helped me? First and foremost! Before we go any farther know this. Everything I have ever read or heard anywhere says if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! And you want a cold pressed, hexane free product; I ordered mine on line.
    Just the mention of taking castor oil and anyone familiar it will shudder. But if you are one of the people like myself who suffer from IBS, this could possibly be the same miracle for you that it has been for me. Not the 2 to 4 Tablespoons you are given on an empty stomach, to clean you out before surgery; that’s a miserable gut punch for anyone. A tiny amount; 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon, once a day with a full meal is a maintenance dose. Start small. Try 1/4 teaspoon for a couple of weeks and if necessary, slowly increase the dose. 1/2 teaspoon before supper every day has been my miracle and I am not exaggerating in the least.
    I guess my only excuse for not seeing its potential is it went under my radar, because my only experience with it was being dosed with it as a purgative as a child. I didn’t realise it could be used in much smaller amounts with totally different results. Unless you have a very rare sensitivity to it there is no discomfort at all.
    Can it stop working for me tomorrow? Who knows. Will I gradually need larger doses or even smaller doses? Beats me.
    Here’s the thing. It fixed my IBS type symptoms; not just helped or made the symptoms less severe, but fixed, 100%. Not cured; as far as I know there isn’t a cure, but if I take 1/2 teaspoon a day before supper, I have found my miracle. I started slowly, being careful what I ate and then started adding trigger foods like bread back into my diet. At my age I don’t have a lot of years to enjoy being gut pain free, but there are so many out there that are fighting the same battle I fought for decades that might be able to live their life without the misery I endured, if they will try this one simple thing.

  15. In my younger years I would use chemically based hair products to groom and hold my hair. In a search for a more natural solution , I switched to Castor Oil for hair grooming. Castor Oil provides the shine and hold that I look for in a hair product. I also believe it is good for my scalp and preventing baldness. So far no signs of going bald yet.

    1. @💫AwakenedOne I apply a small amount into my palm and work into the hair. Follow up with a finger-comb or hair brushing. .

    2. Castor oil scalp treatment will increase hair growth. Add a little lemon oil and rosemary oil for added benefits.

  16. I am from the west indies. We use castor oil daily, on our skin, hair, for massages, etc. My mum always had it home and it smells so good (to me). And we got castor oil directly from Haiti or Jamaica. Super good.
    I didn’t know we could take for constipation. This is good to know.

    1. Thank you so much for watching. For constipation relief, I personally prefer rubbing it on the tummy rather than ingesting it. It is a very very strong laxative, so I would only apply it topically even for constipation.

    2. @Annika Carroll – Sleep & Health Coach for Women thanks for the advice. I will take do that.

    3. hey, our grandchildren, coloured, a sweet girl age 3 has incredible tight curls as does our 6yo lad. Daughter is having trouble in finding suitable oils that work in their hair, can you recommend a high grade castor oil for hair? thanks, stay safe.

    4. ​@silvio fontanaWhat do you use on your hair? Since they are your grandchildren, there may be secret family recipes on hair oils?

      I use a mix of Castor oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and sweet almond oil. Just eyeball the mix, no measures.
      My hair is straight and without any curls, I always wanted curls. It’s brown European hair.

  17. I have used castor oil on and off for years. I recently heard the tip of using a sanitary pad or a diaper (cut away excess tabs..) sometimes using skin tape can also be a great solution to prevent movement for certain areas. I still have to cover the area for possible oil leakage. I really like that tip!

  18. I used castor oil for hair regrowth after chemotherapy and it really helped my hair come back thicker than it was before.

    1. That is wonderful! I hope you are doing well!

  19. Your podcast came on my feed today…I live in South Africa and are a firm believer in ‘things happen for a reason ‘
    Today’s story and guest speaker is a blessing to me and my 27 and 26yr old daughters.🙏🩵🇿🇦

    1. That is wonderful! Greetings to South Africa! You live in an amazingly beautiful country. I only got to visit once, very briefly. I will have to go back.

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