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  1. I’d like to warn customers AGAINST buying from Casper! If you purchase a mattress AND bed frame from them, be aware the 100-night trial DOES NOT APPLY to the bed frame; you have 30 days to request a return for that. So if 30 days isn’t enough for you to decide if you like the mattress, you still need to return the frame and sleep with the mattresses on the floor for the remainder of your trial. Casper will NOT budge on this!
    We requested a return due to poor quality, comfort, and some damage to the bases when it arrived (and NOT made in the USA as originally advertised). Since they ask you to try the mattresses for at least 30 days, we did just that, but because we requested the return on day 31 they refused to accept the base. .Just want potential buyers to be aware!

  2. Just bought a King size Casper from Costco and I think our dogs love it more than we do! Most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on

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