The Best Firm Mattress — Our Top Four!

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🛏️ Plank:
🛏️ Bear Elite Hybrid:
🛏️ Firmer WinkBed:
🛏️ Nolah Evolution 15:

A firm mattress can be a great option for stomach sleepers and heavier-weight sleepers of all kinds. Firm beds can support a healthy spinal alignment, and prevent your midsection from sinking too far into the surface. So join Tom as he gives you some of our favorite picks for firm mattresses.

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📺 For some of our best mattresses of the year, check out our video:

0:00 Why Buy a Firm Mattress?
0:25 Best Overall Pick
1:37 Best for Couples
2:34 Best for Back Pain
3:43 Best for Pressure Relief

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