Stop menopause from ruining your sleep (here’s how)

Women going through menopause experience some frustrating disruptions to their sleep. Some of the most common issues include night sweats, trouble falling or staying asleep, and even an increased risk for obstructive sleep apnea.

Join Dr. Michael Breus as he explains why some of the physiological changes of menopause are so disruptive to your sleep, and some things you can to TONIGHT to relieve some of those symptoms.

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0:00 Why menopause is so disruptive?
0:20 What happens before, during, and after menopause?
1:32 What sleep issues can happen during menopause?
2:09 How to sleep better with menopause

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  1. what about nocturia? I am on HRT and that has helped greatly with night sweats and I already use a CPAP. But I get up 2-4 times a night to go to the bathroom and it really disruptive to my sleep. I restrict fluids before bed, I don’t have a UTI. The only thing that seems to help is if I eat something really salty before bed like chips and dip. But then it seems to effect my blood pressure and I don’t need the extra calories. My doctor prescriped an electroacupuncture sock for this and I am 6 weeks into treatment, but so far it does not seem to have done much. (Zida: neuromodulation device to deliver transcutaneous tibial nerve stimulation).

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