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  1. Facts, I was on a long trip in texas cruising down I-10, told my best friend I need to rest for a minute, pulled over to a rest area and slept for 30 minutes, woke up refreshed.

  2. I am a technician for Volvo cars and with as little of car you actually see Iā€™m like 90% sure that is either an XC40 or XC60

  3. Hey trucker here. Here are some actual tips. Your brain can trick itself into giving you adrenaline by changing your activity. Changing from music to a podcast/audio book, calling someone on the phone to have active engagement with someone can buy you a few more hours. Eating also helps. My go to would be to keep a big jar of cashews or a box of arrowroot cookies beside the drivers seat. Something not too sugary and filling to get your body working from the inside out. Taking your shoes off works too. If you usually drive in shoes the stimulation of being in your car with no shoes will keep your brain entertained. Know your limits, don’t drive tired if you don’t have to, but the world runs on sleep deprived maniacs with tight delivery schedules.

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