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  1. I had it today for the first time I’m scared to go to sleep to night what do I do

    1. Relax buddy just lay on your side close your eyes and you’ll be fine not worth stressing about if you know what’s its like now so when you feel pressue on your chest and you can’t move don’t open your eyes and just wait

    2. Tip for everyone who has a haunted sleep paralyze btw that’s a sleep paralyze but u get it everyday here are some tips I know them bc my father Has a haunted sleep paralyze so here are the tips close ur eyes as long as possible while ur eyes are closed the monster can’t move tip two if u have enough money let the light on for sleeping without light there can’t be any sleep paralyze

      Btw this here is a sleep paralyze for the people who don’t know when u sleep And suddenly wake up and can’t move, you have to sleep paralyze you are awake and your brain also but your muscles are still in A dream bc of can only have a sleeper a life if you have a dream before then wake up but your muscles are still sleeping in the dream. The brain is now thinking you’re still in the dream because of the muscles so the brain still shows your eyes the monster you can’t move because of your muscles however, the monster in your dream isn’t a real room. and you’re not in the dream right now you are awake. Your brain is so weak and your eyes, but your muscles are asleep so your brain and eyes so show the monster in the dream when your eyes are open and you can see how the monster moves to you it’s bad because of the monster comes in contact with you your brain it’s gonna make you think The monster is really eating you or something the thing is it’s a real monster biting you well it’s you biting you your brain makes monster real combines with your eyes, so you see the monster biting you, but in reality your brain makes you biting yourself, so you see a monster, biting you but it’s actually you biting your the thing is you will keep biting yourself till your muscles wake up or someone turns on the light at every muscle of your brain wakes up and your muscles also do so you can have a haunted sleep, paralyze that last forever, but you can turn on the light or something, but it also gives the normal sleep paralyzes that are for only one day if u have The haunted sleep paralyze for really ever because a normal haunted to sleep paralyze is for like twenty years if u have a forever sleep paralyze at some point, you will see the monster at the daytime. And it will keep biting you because your brain it’s now normal to sleep paralyze and shows the monster while Day and night

      Rip of u live alone, and don’t have money but it also gives for those something bad 😢 u have to close ur eyes once u can move and your muscles are also awake the Brain and eyes will still continue now comes to bad part u have to get up ASAP run to your light thing and turn on the light
      Because after the muscle thing, everything is awake and it’s not a illusion ur seeing this monster is for u there if ur not fast enough, you come back to the sleep and your brain makes you bite yourself your lucky if ur lights thing is directly where ur bed is

      Btw if u think I’m not scared of A illusion then let me tell you you can feel and hear everything because your brain is the center of your muscles and makes it so real that you can feel how monsters bite you

    3. Man that must’ve sucked a lot bro,I had some when I was like 12.
      My tip is that you sleep on your side, especially on the side where you face to a wall.
      Then try to sleep a bit earlier, don’t go to bed to late, try sleeping one hour before you should technically get 8 Hours of sleep.
      Then,if you still are in a sleep paralysis, don’t focus on the sleep paralysis too much,try to calm yourself down with moving your body slowly.
      Maybe that might be hard,so try to move small things like your fingers and toes,and then gradually move more and more,start slowly and then try to make better movement.
      Don’t worry bro,we got you 👍
      If your really scared, go to sleep with your parents, but obviously you will have to sleep on your own.
      Tell us if you got better 🙏

  2. If this happens everytime you sleep , like everytime you sleep .. is it normal ??

  3. Can you HELP ME PLEASE!! I deal with it every night. I have had 2 sleep studies that are just telling me seek mental help 😢😢 I’m so tired of going through this

  4. Ive had sleep paralysis a lot , one night I had it like 6 times in a row at least , I’m very good at forcing myself out of the paralysis , usually it feels like I’m in it for about 5-10 seconds , and almost everytime I see a “paralysis demon” , tonight I’m on my second episode and the second episode I saw 2 demons and for the first time I could actually hear the demons almost like whispering or jus breathing really heavy and the secon demon had a white face and it skated across my room into the corner almost as if it didn’t want me to see it while the other one was standing right over me, I use to get really really scared now I just use all my might to break out of it and I imagine myself screaming at the top of my lungs at the demon and that seems to help , also don’t fall asleep on your back, if an episode happens , once u break out of it get up and drink water or something then go back to sleep on your side or stomach, this doesn’t always work but most of the time it does for me even though I’ve had episode while sleeping on my side. It’s just so weird to me that sleep paralysis hallucinations are always demonic and never happy things , they say it’s just hallucinations and nightmares but who knows .

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