SLEEP IN SECONDS | Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath Music for Bedtime

This sound bath was made to put you to sleep fast.
Slip into to a deep state of relaxation almost instantly with the soothing purple lighting that has been proven to put your mind at ease causing viewers to experience feelings of safety and security.
While listening to these calming 432Hz crystal singing bowls will release muscle tension throughout your body and calm your mind and spirit.
As always…
🏮 The low lighting dims slowly over the course of the first 30 minutes so that you will fall asleep fast and stay asleep.
🛌 The gentlest strikes of the singing bowls will serve to ease the mind and stimulate the types of thoughts that will soon become your dreams.
🚫 There are no commercials for the entire 10 hours.

I hope you achieve deep, pure sleep and awake feeling rested, healthy, and energized. If you like the video please subscribe for more.

Best for insomnia, anxiety, tension, and getting a full night's rest.

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