Sleep Hypnosis To Fall Asleep Fast (STRONG) | Extended Play Black Screen Experience

This strong sleep hypnosis session is for deep relaxation and astral travel. The combination of my soothing voice and the calming background music will help you quickly relax and fall asleep fast; in just a few minutes. The black screen will also help you fall asleep and stay asleep by ensuring that you are not kept awake by the light on your laptop or mobile device.

In this guided sleep hypnosis, I will first relax you with soft, calm and gentle words. I will then deepen your trance with strong hypnotic language specially designed to help your conscious mind drift away while your subconscious remains engaged and attentive. When you enter this deep hypnotic state, I will relax you further with guided visualisations designed to quickly calm and quieten your busy mind, and remove your anxiety.

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Although this track is set to the sound of celestial-style music it is available in different lengths and with alternative background audio experiences.

For a 60-minute version set to relaxing, celestial-style music:

For a 35-minute voice-only experience:

For a 2-hour version set to calming music:

For a 1-hour version set to the sound of rain and distant thunder:

For a 1-hour version set the sound of gentle ocean waves:

The theme of this self-hypnosis is guiding your attention away from past regret and upset, and away from future anxiety and apprehension. The emotions that accompany negative thoughts can create anxiety and other stress-based issues, including OCD, insomnia and depression.

This audio track is safe and suitable for frequent listening – as many times as you wish. Since hypnosis helps induce positive behavioural change, a different version of you will be listening each time and so your subconscious will enjoy a different experience on each occasion you tune in.

As always, I have written this session in the spirit and with the positive spirit and expectation that wherever you are in the world, whatever you are facing and wherever you are going, tomorrow will be a better day than today.

PLEASE NOTE: This audio track is for entertainment and relaxation purposes only. It is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any medical condition. Do not listen while driving, operating or using machinery of any kind, or if you are in any place or situation where relaxing and/or falling asleep may endanger yourself or others.

I do hope you enjoy and benefit from this deep sleep guided mediation and self-hypnosis experience.

Thank you for listening. Nick


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Written and recorded by Nicholas Wright
Original vocals and video by Nicholas Wright
© 2023 All Rights Reserved

Background music: "Adrift" by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Licensed for use on YouTube from Enlightened Audio. For more beautiful meditation and hypnosis music, go to:

Thumbnail Image licensed from:

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    1. I think you’re only allowed to hit the button once! 🙂

  1. Thank you Nick❤🙏I still follow you🤩and am immediately having a smile on my face when your new meditation shows up🎉🍀you’re my secret friend in lonely nights who’s voice always calm me down and give me hope for better days&nights❤❤❤

    1. Thank you, Daniela, for such a nice message. So pleased the videos help you. My best. Nick

  2. I’ve learned to sleep on my own so much faster since I’ve followed you, Nick. Amazing gift you have.

    Paz y luz, everyone.



    (Will be listening to this the next time I fail to get to bed on time)

    1. I’m finally embracing the linger versions! 🙂 Thanks for listening. Sleep well. Nick

  4. Nick- do you have any Power Nap hypnosis? I can’t find one! Would you consider doing one? Thank you for all this work. Goodnight😴😴😴😴😴

    1. Hi Tracy – do you mean a power nap as in a shorter session, or more of a relaxing meditation that wakes you up after, say, 30 mins? Thanks Nick

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