Should you use a sleep tracker?

Sleep trackers can offer some really helpful insights into your overall sleep health and sleep quality. But the sheer AMOUNT of data in the trackers and apps can be incredibly overwhelming. Heart rate, sleep stages, HRV, awakenings, sleep onset… what does it all mean?

Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus cuts through the noise and tells you the THREE data points you should be paying the most attention to. He also offers his thoughts on the overall accuracy of sleep trackers, and the one thing you need to be using alongside any good tracker.

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0:00 The benefits of a sleep tracker
0:30 Are they accurate?
1:12 Sleep onset and wake times
1:38 Number of awakenings
2:07 Sleep stages
2:51 Keeping a sleep diary

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  1. Thank you Dr! Are you able to discuss in the future which sleep trackers you recommend? I’ve been using the Fitbit for ten years and LOVE the sleep cycles but have been considering the Apple Watch but have heard that the sleep cycles aren’t included?

    1. They are on my Apple Watch 8. I use a different app to the Apple one. It works great.

  2. I would love to know what is the best ones… Like oura ring or the new Samsung ring coming out..

  3. Is it.possible that you can give us insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the different sleep trackers? Is rhe fitbit algorithm good, better, best, etc… What about the ring, what about apple watch?

  4. Are they helpful or do they turn you into a neurotic person who is constantly thinking about sleep.This past summer I went through a terrible time with a family members illness and I couldn’t sleep. I became obsessed about sleep and sleep hygiene but my sleep didn’t improve. Once I stopped obsessing about sleep I started to sleep better and although I still am not sleeping great I feel that stopping worrying about my sleep constantly really does help.

  5. I read that a wearable fitness tracker is just a great way to monitor your daily steps but, it can also be a smart way to learn about your sleep. Wearable sleep-tracking technology has become a popular and convenient way to audit and understand sleep habits and even resolve unique sleep-related issues.Thanks for the informative video Dr. Michael!β€πŸ‘

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