Saatva Classic Mattress Review — Is This the Most Luxurious Bed on the Market?

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The Saatva Classic is a great all-around mattress, and we like it for MOST sleepers. But it’s not the cheapest bed on the market, and it is positioned as a “luxury hybrid bed.” But what do you get in a luxury bed? And does it perform better than others in our SF Lab Testing?

Join Tom — from the Saatva House in Hollywood, CA! — as he explores who we think this bed is right for, and one way it really struggled in our tests.

0:00 Who Is Saatva?
1:08 Construction
3:04 Which Saatva Classic Should You Choose?
3:36 Temperature Control
4:36 Pressure Relief
5:42 Edge Support
6:09 Motion Isolation
7:13 Final Thoughts


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