RELEASING TRAUMA THROUGH BODY MAPPING FOR SLEEP Guided sleep meditation to reduce stress

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  1. Hi everyone I’ve been thinking about you and yes in response to your requests I’ve done a little bit more on trauma… Remember if you’ve experienced trauma you really need professional help this content is supportive therapy only and is supposed to fit underneath professional support… I’ve been very busy… Processing grief spending time meditating doing yoga going to the gym and letting go… I’m still on the tail end of processing grief… But I’ll be okay I hope you’re okay please let me know what you think of this content love you all very much …. For those of you who have been asking about my lives I’m doing them daily on Instagram just look up my name Lauren Ostrowski Fenton big hugs

    1. thank u so much for all your videos im so sick right now im so scared it may be covid again n now im in the middle of receiving surgical procedures on my spine n back n im miserable n having panic attacks to now im still suffering 11months w long haul covid I had in January

    2. @tcmomcoffey
      Sending positive thoughts and Angels
      Wishing you a swift recovery also 🙏💙❤️💜🙏

  2. Can’t wait to do this tonight. Been using different ones of yours each night and i love it. With trauma I’ve done the conscious work but the subconscious stuff and physical pain the body holds tight within my body. My chest especially is tight and heart rate is always racing. Meditated for 2h yesterday and after it my bpm was 100 (normally is 120😐). The teeth grinding jaw clenching dizzyness anxiety night terrors etc are still with me but hypnosis and embodiment has helped a ton. Rambling haha sorry 😅 but just wanted to say thank you so much! It must be a pain doing such long videos but your work is important

    1. Linda you’re doing really really well changing the conscious isn’t that difficult but changing the subconscious is super hard it is a deeply impregnated software program within us good on you keep practising very impressed Lauren

    2. I feel so much like you! I wake up with nightmares so much because my chest will hurt so badly from my heart beating as hard and fast as it can, it’s terrible, and not exactly where it should be during the day either (about 100 like yours). The subconscious stuff IS so hard! The only thing that has helped me tbh has been magic mushrooms taken carefully in a safe way and journaling and dream interpretation, meditation, and art therapy, even just freeform doodling can be so helpful. I wish I had a good therapist who knew what the hell they’re doing but all they ever do is ask me how my week was and play it safe. It’s like they’re scared to do any real work even though I’m not at all. Meh. Hopefully we can heal ourselves!

    3. Btw you may or may not find it helpful, but for the teeth clenching or grinding or biting at night, I use a pacifier/binky, even though it falls out when I snore sometimes haha 😆 it REALLY helps me from biting my tongue and clenching, plus o honestly find it really soothing to suck on and it helps get me to sleep…I actually have a really hard time sleeping without one haha 😅

  3. Lauren you are an angel. I can’t wait to do this tonight. I’m really in desperate need of letting trauma go. Dealing with physical pain right now and it is affecting me mentally and spiritually big time. I just started doing subconscious healing a little more. ❤🙏💫

    1. Thanks so very much I really hope this supports you in someway trauma is ingrained in our subconscious daily challenge for you to change the subconscious… So we need to practice let me know what you think much love

    2. You are not alone Brit! It is hard when our emotional pain starts manifesting as physical pain. Sending a cyber hug.

    3. I carry emotional pain all over my body.Most it is in my back- not just up and down the spinal chord but all over my back. I remember why but won’t put that here. When my PTSD is triggered by either a real or perceived threat to my survival or an emotional or sexual intimacy issue it is at it worst and some days I can’t get out of bed. My psychiatrist agrees that this is trapped memory pain but it is not one of the treatments he practices and recommends massage. Of course, this only temporary relief and I have been trying to work on it myself. Thanks so much for this video. I will play it nightly and concentrate on my back while I do it. I have used many of your tapes to help me sleep peacefully and I am very grateful for all you do on YouTube. I’m sorry to hear you are dealing with grief. Have you tried ASMR? My 2 favourite practitioners are Reiki with Anna and Dimitri from ASMR massage. Both are very gentle, generous and loving practitioners who have helped me process a lot of stuff mostly by making me feel loved and held while I release troubling issues. Thanks again- you have a beautiful, supportive voice too and have helped me a lot. I have been looking for just this type of hypnosis for the longest time. Peace and blessings to you 🙏 ✨ 💛

  4. Oooh Lauren, this is just perfection. I got up just before 5am to take my dogs out to potty and when we all came back to bed I put this on the tv in the bedroom. The dogs were asleep in 2 minutes, I kept it playing and meditated for over an hour before falling into a real true sleep and that is rare for me. I am so grateful. What a gift! My prayers for you continue always.♥🙏
    Lauren, your gift of giving to so many when we all know that you too are hurting and dealing with your own grief is the most loving humane act of selflessness.
    I am reminded of a quote where someone said” I love it when people walk into the fire carrying buckets of water for those still consumed by the flames” That is how I see you Dear Lauren, although you are hurting, you are helping others. A perfect example of how we all should be. Help others when and where you can. Much love and Thank you!

    1. What a wonderful comment thank you so much I just love that quote I will think about that quote and ponder upon it tonight thank you for listening to my content and thank you for ‘seeing’ me much love Lauren

    2. I would cherish a world where everyone had to listen to Lauren every night.
      There would be such calmness xx

    3. Lauren you are selfless & so humanitarian ❤ Gd bless you & especially all who are listening ❤ 🧚🏻

  5. Thank you, I cried and released some pent up emotions and I felt so safe and held listening to your voice. You are truly amazing!

  6. This is great Lauren. A 45-60 minute version that takes you through all the muscles and body parts (inc organs) systematically would be wonderful!

  7. This meditation is worlds apart from anything else on YT – bar none. You can feel the commitment and sincerity from the narrator. Thank you. God Bless

  8. Thank Lauren listened to this a few times and it’s really helping me understand my trauma and triggers. I’m committed to recovery and your meditation is amazing just need to be patient and kind to myself. ❤

    1. Dear Deborah I’m so sorry that you have experienced trauma I really am I hope you have support around you I can hear the commitment in your words yes the keystone is patience and kindness but from the sounds of your words you know the path forward good on you

  9. I have been doing this for the past 6 nights now, I feel so amazing! I also just cry now when I think of trauma that I use to hold inside. I’m also having very intense dreams but know it’s part of the process. This is amazing thank you.

    1. Wonderful! Emma take care of yourself life can be really tough thanks for taking the time to write to me that really means a lot to me also

  10. Wow I haven’t slept this well since the passing of my wife. 2.5 years ago, I woke up a few times because it triggered some lucid dreaming but went rite back to sleep. Thank God bless you.

    1. Sorry to hear that you walk past I’m really sorry I hope you’re okay much love Lauren

  11. I’ve been listening to this every single night for well over a month now. I have C-PTSD so I have decades worth of trauma to release. When I first started listening, I would be triggered a lot, so I know it was working. This was able to help me bring trauma that I pushed down for years up to the surface for me to deal with and let go. Everyday I feel a little better. Thank you so much for this!!

    1. That’s so awesome and I’m so proud of you. I know it’s hard to push past that horrible uncomfortable feelings but to get to the other side shows how strong you are and how you are destined for great things and a great life you dream of. I love you and am so happy to read your comment. Much love and blessings for you friend! ❤

  12. I am a massage therapist dealing with symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Until this video I felt trapped in a body of pain after a couple of hours of this. I was able to release and let go of a lot in my body. I have learned in the 25 years of doing body work to do this. Sometimes when we are in our own Trauma we need reminders. I will definitely be doing this again… Thank You 🙏 ❤

    1. I have fibromyalgia too! I found this video looking for relief after going back full time. Hang in there❤

    2. I have fibromyalgia too the pain is off the charts i been having flashbacks all day from thing’s that happened over 20 years ago. I need to let go

  13. If you are READING this message I WISH you to Recieve whatever it is that you long for, and everything you need. I wish you much love, luck & success in all you do. 🙏🏻❤️

    1. Peace thank you so much, really need the love and caring you have given to us….

  14. I love how the waterfall looks like an arm & hand reaching out, while water cascades down 🌊

  15. The first time I listened to this , I woke up shaking for a few minutes . I believe it’s because my body is releasing muscle tension and trauma . I will continue to use this video until I feel like it’s enough ❤️ thankyou

    1. Thinking of you as you move through this process sending you love hope you are okay it is important to have someone close to you if you can support you through this time take care of yourself much love Lauren

    2. Could be. I think she is great. So much truth in it. All the Stress we had as s child is stored in our bodies!

  16. Thank you so much for this Lauren. 🙏 It is wonderful, never experienced such relief. Your mellifluous voice and tone shifts are so relaxing 😌 Plenty of ASMR tingles too. It felt like floating on a cloud. I’m so very grateful and needed this so much at present. I wish yourself love & healing in your journey with grief and much love and healing to all on here who have suffered loss, trauma, mental health issues or anxiety. Peace and healing to all. ❤️

    1. Dear Claire what a lovely lovely letter thank you so very much thank you for complimenting my voice and thank you also for commenting on the Asmr that means a lot to me much love Lauren

    2. @LaurenOstrowskiFenton  I do not know what you are going through. But want to thank you for this work you do for listeners. Many of us have personal trauma and loss of others 💔 😢 we are trying to process trauma for both ourselves and others. Can be overwhelming. So this is comfort and support.

  17. I have PTSD and just minutes in I feel tingling and relaxing starting. Your energy and your voice is everything! Thank you. 💛

  18. I’m 29, had a traumatic childhood, neglect, and mental abuse I suffered so many years with my mental health that I’ve seeked help, but this helps me so much to switch off and sleep. Thank you ❤

    1. Hey me too age and everything, we are going to get through this and it will make us more vivid for it!

    2. @Ether Wind  I’m glad your doing well Ether! Stay strong! Nothing can break us! Sending my love 🇬🇧

    3. Thank you so very much wishing you well wishing resilience wishing your kindness and love much love from the Lauren

  19. You’re right where you need to be. Not a moment early, not late. Every area is your life calling dis-ease, will come into full alignment with healing. You’re loved and loved and loved. You are your medicine. Heal, friend. ✨

    1. Thank you so much for contributing. Most kind of you. Love Lauren

  20. May you be safe
    may you be happy
    may you be healthy
    may you be free from suffering
    may you live in grace and ease
    may your heart be at peace.

    1. Just lovely Rick thank you so much for writing this for our beautiful community

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