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  1. I respectfully disagree. There are those that don’t pull their share of the work but expect to reap the same benefits as those that did or perhaps they start something and then don’t take responsibility for it leaving the work for someone else to pick. Just as it is ok to recognize that some ppl wk hard, it is not unreasonable to acknowledge that someone else does not. You certainly want to hire that person for a job. Don’t demonize a person for be discerning of positive and negative behaviors. Would u not want your teenage daughter to recognize a con or a manipulator?

    1. aah interesting viewpoint I love it…. I guess I prefer overall, depending on the actual situation, to describe specific behaviours rather than using a label but saying that I can certainly relate to what you’re saying, and I can think of personal examples where what you’re saying resonates with me… I also think that each of us has a duty of care to our community to work hard, ethically, and diligently… I suppose upon reflection, what I’m talking about here (or attempting to do so)is about somebody with some narcissistic slant to their words… the problem with these “shorts” on social media is that they lack perspective I think that these shorts definitely have value because they bring us to reflect on certain beliefs we have…. but sometimes they are just too simple…. thank you so much for your input it definitely resonates with me

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  4. Important to not engage much with those people. They like to gaslight you. I’ve experienced that!

  5. I can see a lot of lazy people positive comments 😂😂😂😂😂 i want to control you hahahahaha

  6. “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”
    – Aristotle


  8. Hmmm, i disagree on parts.
    My immediate thought in my head was my dad calling me lazy for not studying for school. your sentence went in a similar direction – lazy is an expression for his (and here i diverge) inability to properly teach me why school is important, or maybe not enough motivation put forth and so on.

    BUT: The word lazy exists for a very valid reason, and should not be just dismissed easily. Labels arent healthy, but disregarding parts of human life because they are unpleasant is very dangerous, too.

    i failed school – i was factually lazy, it took me years to accept this responsibility, but it was important in growing.
    and i’d actually bet at least 40% of peoppe who call another “lazy” are not intending to be hurtful, they’re annoyed by the unfulfilled potential they see.

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