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Promises for the coming year

As the tides ebb and flow and the ocean stretches out before us, let us take a moment to reflect on the promises we make for the coming year.

Deep in our souls, where the currents of hope and introspection meet, let us embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Promise one To Embrace Change.
Just as the ocean is ever-changing, so must we be willing to adapt and evolve.

Let us promise ourselves to embrace change.

Let us not be afraid to step out of our comfort zones to swim against the currents of familiarity. In the face of change, we discover growth, resilience, and the opportunity to become truer versions of ourselves.

Promise 2: To Seek Meaning

In the vastness of the ocean lies a world full of life and wonder. Let us promise to seek meaning in our lives in the year ahead. Diving deep into the depths of our wants, exploring the chasms of our souls while also content with what is.
Let us find solace in the simple, the connections we make with others, and the pursuit of our dreams.

In the pursuit of meaning, we find fulfilment rewards and a sense of belonging.

Promise 3: To Nurture Compassion

Just as the waves caress the shore, let us promise to nurture compassion in our own hearts.

Let us be the light, a beacon of understanding and empathy in a world often divided and tumultuous.

Let us extend a helping hand to those in need and lend a listening ear to those who are unheard. Let us break the silence of disconnection.

Through acts of kindness and compassion, we create ripples of change, transforming not only our own lives but the lives of those around us.

Promise 4: To Cherish Nature

The ocean,with its vast beauty and awe-inspiring power, reminds us of the importance of cherishing our world.

Let us promise to be stewards of the earth, to protect and preserve the fragile ecosystems that sustain.

Let us tread lightly upon the sand, leaving only footprints of gratitude and reverence.

And navigate the tides of life with grace and wisdom.

As the ocean continues its dance with the shore, we find solace, inspiration, and meaning in the promises we make.

Lauren x

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  1. I created this piece of content because I love you, and I am happy
    Lauren x

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  2. Thankyou for all your knowledge blessings caring and sharing with us in the last year Angel 😇 🙏 and may you have the most Happiest new year and may all your wishes manifest in the coming year 🎉much love 💜 blessings 🙌 and peace ☮️ to you and your loved ones 🙏🫂

    1. Thank you so very much thank you so much for listening to my content thank you for your beautiful beautiful comment thank you for your love- love you thank you

  3. My cat Rouger ans myaelf love listening to u every night. When he hears your voice he comes running to lay by my side to listen to you juat as i do and we fall asleep. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR🎉🎉Thank you for every night of calm.

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