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  1. Thank you Lauren. You helped me finding peace with myself before. I wish peace for you as well. It’s a relief to have peace within and with this stand strong in life.
    Things can be rough in life, so be calm as possible inside, is like coming home.❤

  2. Thank you Lauren, i needed this today. I wasn’t lucky with the chronic illness not being me, but ultimately becoming chronically ill helped me become more flexible and also treat myself better ❤

    1. and when i say as good as it gets i mean within how good we are at managing our trauma..out of ten im about a zero going backwards

  3. If im lucky it wont be me?! Wtf 😂 absolutly not! If im lucky IT WILL BE ME, im tired, im lonely. Hopefully i get to be with my soulpet, parents and best friend soon. I went through enough, i dont believe in an after life but i hope for it. Even if there isnt anything at least i wont be in pain anymore

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