Menopause: ULTIMATE Guide to Sleep, Hot Flashes, and Disorders

Women going through menopause experience a variety of symptoms, including brain fog, mood swings, and hot flashes. According to sleep expert, Dr. Audrey Wells, these changes to your body can wreak havoc on your sleep.

In this video, Dr. Wells explains what you can expect from your body before and during menopause, and offers some tips for getting your best sleep amidst these changes. She also explains the current protocols for hormone replacement therapy, and why women should be monitor their sleep for symptoms of sleep disorders as they age.

🩺 Dr. Audrey Wells is triple board-certified in pediatrics, sleep, and obesity medicine. She helps sleep apnea patients struggling with CPAP therapy get the help and relief they need. You can learn more about Dr. Wells at . And, download Dr. Wells’ guide, “If I Lose Weight Can I Kick my CPAP Out of Bed?” right here: .

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0:00 Sleep and Menopause
0:19 Peri-menopause
1:26 How to Deal With Hot Flashes
3:19 Hormone Replacement Therapy
4:53 Menopause
5:31 Do I Need Less Sleep As I Age?
6:55 The Psychology of Menopause

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