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  1. These are beautiful and eternal truths. Thank you.
    It has taken what its taken to learn and understand and I am humbly grateful for the lessons, that have lead me here.
    Wrong choices and all.

  2. My decisions and choices don’t define me. They may reflect my state of mind at the time I make them but it is impossible to use any one thing to define anyone. Sometimes making a decision is difficult because for people who overthink like me we find way too many causes and effects so I will hedge my decisions until I’m sure of the one I want to take. Then I question it. I’m still questioning my snack choice in kindergarten I should have chosen the almond cookie or the snicker doodle

  3. After years of pain both physically and mentally in the past few months I found my voice ! I stooped and looked at how I was existing it was not my life ! It was a life I had to live as others told me it was how I had to live ,but I’m climbing out of that ,it wasn’t me ! I WANT TO BE FREE ! I Want MY LIFE ! So thank you ,thank you I needed to hear your words as I know despite the voices others keep repeating I will not live like this anymore ,I can be me !! Xx

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