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  1. Darling you are more then this life I personally listen to you wjihwn I’m down actually I’m a man who has no love because it’s difficult to find love and I’m 32 still couldn’t

  2. Do you know why I love you I’m from Iran and I’m stack here guys
    As a lover and energy given I became alone please help me to finish my job here

  3. I’m like you as you say energy 😢
    i dint talk more
    but please still medidate us gods engel

  4. Hi Lovely Lauren my Son has ” blocked ” me on everything…hasn’t spoken to me for 6 and a half years ….thanks for your inspiration there is always hope x

  5. Belonging alot of times includes backstabbing, treason, liars, haters … And just down right endless issues… And im not talking about the typical hiccups people have in relationships or friendships…. I dont believe its pop culture as it is self preservation

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