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hi there today I have a relaxed chat about how I've been driving a truck what content I'm presently creating and how I've been working with the business called "Adelaide delivery services" in South Australia

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  1. I don’t think mom would allow me to set up an appointment with you which really is hard

  2. It was grouch to hangout a bit before you left in the truck my friend. It was a spirited conversation, as per always. Cheers from Tennessee!! ☮🤎

  3. Love your meditations Lauren! Thank you 🙏🏽🩷
    I have severe anxiety and am so blessed to have you to help me through many nights.
    You and Michelle are my favorites 💜
    I am from Pickering, ont CANADA

    1. I just love Michelle. I’m so sorry you have severe anxiety. I really am thinking of you.

    2. @LaurenOstrowskiFenton  thank you Lauren. Michelle recommended I listen to you.
      We are all grateful for you. Especially how the world is. I lost my parents through the pandemic. Struggling not having them to talk to..grieving them has been a challenge.
      They lived till 93. Married for 70 yrs. Very blessed to have them with us for so many years 🙏🏽💜
      Day at a time … I’ll get there. Lots of support

  4. Ty God for Lauren xo 🤗 Hi Lauren! Besides the obvious reasons people feel inspired by listening to your podcasts, for me , is the extraordinary sound of your soothing voice ❤ Love it Lauren ! You’re so blessed and listening to you is divine xo Keep Smiling 😃 and keep Shining 💖 God bless always, Amen 🙏

  5. You can think anything you want. You cannot do anything you want. Freedom is a spectrum we have freedom through the lens or boundaries of the spectrum our government, vujyure, societal structures, religion allows or you are accountable through those structures. Cbt doesn’t disallow your caring for or helping others even in reassuring them. Cbt isn’t pure stoicism it’s based on Aristotelian logic through challenging the belief or syllogism we create. There is a deficit in purist cbt which does not account spontaneous emotions that have no clear cognitive beginning. Ellis and Beck would postulate that this is because the person is triggered by historical inferences therefore there is a primitive cognitive mechanism at play. I have not found any evidence empirically to back this up. I believe sometimes emotions can exist without specific thought and that the thoughts we may create are to try and create a reason for the emotion. I have argued with Ellis about this for years when he was walking on this earth. I’m glad you’re feeling better

    1. Did you say you’ve spoken to Ellis every time you write? There is so much in your messages? I just could not do you a reasonable reply. I just love your messages so much to ponder.

    2. @@LaurenOstrowskiFenton

      No. The only way I could still talk to him would be if I was a medium he died in 2007. But I knew him, had many contentious conversations when I disagreed with some of his theories or opinions. They were terrific conversations he was an incredible person, he is missed.

  6. I am so happy to see you happy in your work and in your relationship 💯💯😅
    I just got back after four months of being away from my hometown, caring for my mother at the end of her life. She passed away April 21st….
    The grief was pretty intense at first, but I don’t think it was as deep if I had not been there taken care of her for so long …
    It actually was a peaceful experience for both of us and there was a lot of closure just before she passed .

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