Jim Kwik on How Sleep is the Key to Limitless Potential

Jim Kwik is a brain coach, podcaster, and bestselling author. His book, "Limitless", is a New York Times bestseller and he's helped thousands of people enhance their memories, their focus, and their overall learning.

In this interview with sleep expert, Dr. Michael Breus, the two discuss their shared history together, why sleep is so foundational to your brain health and memory, and how science fuels some of Kwik's techniques for improving your brain.

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0:00 Learning is Remembering
6:42 Misconceptions About Memory and Learning
8:47 Why Nutrition Matters for Brain Health
13:00 The Science of Nootropics
19:00 How AI Might Affect Our Memory and Learning
28:43 Understanding Sleep and Your Brain Type
37:00 How Our Memory Changes as we Age
45:15 Your Homework

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  1. I’m a fan of both of them, and I’ve been watching their videos recently. The amazing power of big data once again drew me in, and surprisingly, they are also collaborating on guest programs together.❤😂

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