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    1. That’s so funny it is driving along these dirt roads where there are very large holes it is a problem in Queensland

    2. And thanks also for commenting and I can see you’re a subscriber I really appreciate it

  1. Oh lovely, the fact that you can correlate a car accident with a wonderful experience is testament to your character x

  2. Reminds me of that Icehouse Song, “Nothing Too Serious.” …😊

    🎶 I had a little accident
    Nothing too serious
    Take a look at this place, take a look at this mess
    Nothing too serious
    If you close your eyes it may go away
    Nothing too serious …🎶.

    Actually, it is probably quite serious, but I had a little accident today, reminded me of that song. Hope your not stuck out in the middle of nowhere for too long.🥺

  3. That must have felt scary…hope your car is salvageable and relieved that you are okay ❤

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