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  1. You don’t seem overly distraught…is this little town somewhere in the middle of the Outback? Be safe and keep us posted!

    1. Yes it’s in the middle of the outback it’s just such a cute little town

  2. Are you okay? Was cooper with you ok? Maybe you needed a break from everything. And Yes online coaching Ido How your the car can they fix it.?

    1. Thanks so very much yes they’ve gotta replace the wheels and there’s a dent as well

  3. Good grief! Hoping your not hurt, Lauren. Stay safe! Where can I get some info on your sessions?

    1. Hi Julie, thank you so much for enquiring. We are safe and he’s a little bit exciting. You can book on the website Simplybookme using my name or you can email me at Lauren Hope you’re well and thank you.

  4. Is doggie a whippet? They are terrific creatures super fast like s mini greyhound. Accidents happen glad your ok. Why does parts take so long to get? You could leave your car get a rental and get it when it’s repaired no? Maybe car is traumatized and needs counseling.

    1. Yes Cooper is a whippet I love him dearly there are no rentals near here for hours that’s funny yes I’ll try cancelling my car I love that

  5. GF have you landed yourself in Adelaide?? Wishing you and Cooper
    love and light wherever you are!! M

  6. Online counseling? You helped me release trauma that has followed me in my body sinc e I was a baby! I wish I could get a little online counseling with you.❤😊

  7. I hope you’re alright Lauren ❤️ Sending love to you and Coopy. I have a fox terrier who is also Coopy Doopy ☺️

  8. This sounds like theme for a movie!
    Why does it take 6-7 weeks for a part to come in? Good luck!

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