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  1. I can’t tell you how much this video means to me. I haven’t really been getting any appreciation from anyone. Thank you.🙏

    1. I’m so very sorry you haven’t been receiving appreciation I truly appreciate you thank you

  2. I am doing OK and at the same time I’m having a tremendous challenge of caring for my mother now in hospice full-time.
    I know you understand grief and I’m feeling it now, and I have no idea if there’s anyway to prepare in advance for the death of my mother ?
    I have been told that there is no way to prepare for that that you just feel what you need to feel and I don’t believe that there are any set rules ..
    And at the same time, I have my father, who is also in rapid decline who I am unable to see because of distance but also because I’m caring for my mom, so I’m facing the death of both of my parents at the same exact time and yet I’m still Facing it fairly well…
    I’m exhausted I feel grief stricken, and at the same time I’m dealing with it fairly well, considering the circumstances .
    I am very fortunate that I have very good help so I take the day off today for myself to get away .
    That’s my greatest challenge present time .
    You look good Lauren I hope you are well …

  3. I’m trying to make it through perimenopause and I’m having a real go of it 🥺 I listen to your meditations every night and they bring me peace. Thank you

    1. I’m the same my favourite is fall asleep so fast every night it helps me so much thank you Lauren xx❤

    2. Hi ladies, I’m going through perimenopause, as well. 😭 Lauren helps me SO much!! ❤❤❤ I don’t know what we’d do without her!

    3. @@kristyshada473 Yes! I’m finally able to sleep thanks to Lauren’s meditations. I’m comforted knowing I’m not alone.

  4. This meant alot. Currently being tested for blood cancer and ttryi g to shift the worry of the wait of results. Thanks Laura x

  5. (“I’m back: You’ve Got This”) So gently and sensitively expressed … kind and deeply thoughtful ❤ Thank you. Lauren: you are the model for our resilience … from your freely-shared personal trauma and challenges.

    Your first thought is of your community of subscribers.

    We are all well-pleased to be part of your ‘Yes To Life’ approach. We are getting on with our lives and goals. But (of course) it never comes easily. It’s our constant task (work) and “we’re up for it” 😊

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